Alternative gifts for the kids that have everything

Whether it’s family or friends, those we love, seem to love nothing more than spoiling our children. They make them feel special, important and central in everyone’s life. But the problem with your child having plenty of family and friends to spoil them every Christmas and birthday, is that before too long you’ve run out of ideas yourself.

The holidays and every birthday seems to be an uphill struggle, where you find yourself combing through toy catalogues and getting lost in the internet trying to find something they’ve never been gifted before and that is still in stock…

So, if you’re struggling for inspiration for a birthday that’s coming up, or you’re hoping to get a head start on your Christmas shopping then read on for a little inspiration.

Investing in their future

Ok, ok so it’s not the latest action figure or that new games console all their friends seem to have but giving your child an investment for their future will certainly turn out to be worth so much more when they’re old enough to appreciate it. Check out Golden Eagle Coin for an instant investment, of open them an ISA or pay into a savings account for them; they can have access to when they turn 18!

Something in the mail

How about a kids magazine subscription? Kids absolutely love getting things in the mail and if it’s something cool and current – even better. They’ll also be building their reading skills without even realising it. Kids magazines are usually filled with arts and craft ideas, puzzles and all kinds of things to keep their minds busy. Once they’re done with the magazine, they can pass it onto a friend or collect them up and donate them to a Drs surgery for other kids to enjoy!

The gift of giving

Speaking of donations, how about donating to a local animal sanctuary and adopting one of it’s residents? Head to your local pet or wildlife sanctuary and see if they can help out. Or help to save an endangered animal? You can purchase a yearly subscription for them and they can have mail addressed to them from the charity with monthly updates, sometimes it’s mail directly from the animal of their choice! They’ll be making a difference and feel very grown up about it too.

The gift of time

The world we live in is a busy one. Whether it’s work or other pressing commitments, time spent with the kids can often feel like a luxury or even rushed. So, spending quality time with your child can be the most amazing gift. Set aside maybe one day a week or a month (depending on what works best for you both) and dedicate it solely to a day with you and your little one. A day out somewhere, a trip to the library and lunch, let them know that the world is their oyster and that the day is yours to enjoy together. Take pictures, make memories. It’s the best gift you can give!

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