An amazing day spent in the clouds being close to Tilda #MMSkydive

For this week I’m leaving my #Project365 post for next week – I’ll add 2 weeks worth of pictures.
There is something more important to tell you:
I said hello to baby Tilda at 13,000 feet yesterday!
The day arrived finally and the nerves were building for everyone.
I don’t think many of us managed breakfast – I know I couldn’t.
I wasn’t nervous beforehand really –  more excited; however when the day finally arrived I was quiet and giggly – everyone who knows me well knows this means I’m VERY nervous.
We left our hotel at around 7.45am and headed across to the airfield – Thank you Kip for driving.
Annoyingly we weren’t first to arrive and we knew this would bump us down the jumping list – it seems others had the idea of camping there to be first!
Signing our lives away (filling out medical forms and filming requests) was the first thing, then a briefing on what we needed to need was the first port of call.
Silence filled the room as we listened to instruction’s on how to get ready in the plane, how to exit from the plane, where to place our legs, bodies and arms and then instructions on how to land.
At this point it all really seemed surreal – like it wasn’t really happening, and there was always a possibility that that would be the case – the weather forecast wasn’t great and the centre knew jumps could be cancelled at any point.
The wait was just the worst.
The longer we waited the more we were getting uptight and worried – I’m sure this applied to all of us. 
We did what we all do best and took to social media to update Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – we were so pleased to see #MMSkydive Trending on Twitter by 11am – THANK YOU to everyone who tweeted and re-tweeted and kept our spirits high, it really did help and put a smile on our faces.
FINALLY at around 11.30am the first 3 team members were called: Kip, Hayley & Claire.
They were suited up and went through a finally training session and then it was time for them to take to the skies. 
I have to say emotions were extremely high from us all – it was as emotional to watch them get ready and get into the plane as I think it was for them. 
Waiting to spot them coming down seemed to take forever.
It takes 20 minutes for the plane to climb to 13,000 feet and it does feel like longer.
After forever we spotted them descending.
The looks on their faces was amazing as they landed.
They loved it!
Finally about an hour later it was my time.  I went up with Lucy, Sarah and Julie.
We were suited up and went though our final briefing.
I was so pleased that Paul and the kids had arrived in time to see me go up – We had decided that they would stay at the hotel until I had an idea of a  time I maybe jumping so the kids didn’t get bored, they arrived as I was getting changed so perfect timing.
The flight up was quiet and I tried to pretend I was find – I was actually terrified!
I didn’t like the freefall at all – it was raining and it really hurt – it jarred the whole experience of that first part and I was unable to catch my breath – I literally couldn’t breathe until my parachute opened. 
I then LOVED it.  It did mean that as much as I tried I couldn’t wave at the camera in freefall as planned – I was too scared and panicked sadly (you’ll see what I mean when I share the video with you later on).
It was the most amazing experience EVER though and I did love it!
I was able to take hold of the parachute and we spun and looped down to ground, I was allowed to chose how often and when to spin.
Gliding down to earth was so peaceful and quiet.
Tilda was there and looking after us all – she ensured we were all able to make our jumps and guarded over us.
Ours were the last jumps of the day I believe as it started raining too much to continue.
We all jumped.
All 7 of us and we did so to raise money for The Lullaby Trust in memory of a very special little girl #MatildaMae who touched us all.


Yesterday was 18 months to the day that heaven gained an angel and the sky a new star – this beautiful 9 month old girl was taken far too soon and we will NEVER EVER forget her.
This was for you Matilda Mae – we all love you.
It’s not too late to sponsor any of our Team so please do
Thanks to everyone who supported us yesterday including our amazing ground crew who kept our spirits up, kept us fed and watered if we wanted and took loads of photographs.

If you would like to see my Official in air photo’s they are all here and my skydive video can be watched here.

I was so pleased to be jumping with so many other awesome ladies – and of course Kip.  Some had jumped before and for other’s it was a first time.  We all enjoyed it and will remember it differently – here is Hayley’s account of her 2nd skydive.


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24 thoughts on “An amazing day spent in the clouds being close to Tilda #MMSkydive

  1. You are so brave!! Sky diving is up there as one of things I'd probably pass out before managing to do. Really touching account, and I'll be donating now xx

  2. That's such an awesome thing to have done, congratulations! Well done also on being honest and saying that you were too scared to enjoy the freefall, I'm sure many people feel that but pretend it was all just fine. Your honestly is refreshing.

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