An Easter Egg Hunt and Other Fun Activities


Easter presents us with
a huge variety of different games and activities that are sure to get
the kids in the Easter spirit – with an egg hunt being the most
popular of all. Organising an egg hunt does need some careful
consideration and thoughtful planning, here’s a quick guide on how
to get it right!

Planning an egg hunt

The first thing to do
when organising an egg hunt is to decorate the area to be used with
some bunting, balloons, streamers and other related accessories. The
next step is to have a range of plastic eggs which can be filled with
little treats like toys, stickers and maybe a small amount of money.

Make sure that you mark
one of the eggs with a note saying “Egg Hunt Winner”. This egg
will be very well hid – just as the other ones will be as well.
Hide some of the eggs in easy to find places, so that the younger
members of the party will be able to enjoy the thrill of finding an
egg. An egg hunt map could also be implemented into the game, which
would add an exciting element of mystery to the overall activity.

Once all the eggs have
been found, you should gather all the children around and ask them to
open the eggs that they’ve retrieved. The idea here is to find who
the overall winner is. An appropriate award like something symbolic
of the meaning of Easter would be a suitable prize.

Where did egg
hunting originate from?

History resources can tell your children how the egg hunt dates back to
the 1700’s, when German immigrants brought the egg hunting
tradition to Pennsylvania. After a few years, the festivities started
to spread all around the nation. With the passage of time, the game
evolved into a form of a treasure hunt.

Other Activities

In addition to the
Easter egg hunt, the following few ideas could also be implemented
around Easter time:

1. Dying some eggs –
Get some hard boiled eggs and use some food colouring to draw images
and faces on the eggs.

2. Spend the evening
with a family in need – This is a very nice gesture and would make
that family who has very little feel like they also had a memorable
day. Make a special Easter basket for them as a gift.

3. Decorate the house –
Just like with any other holiday season, try and add some colour
around the house. Helium balloons and some colourful decorations will
go a long way to adding some holiday buzz.

Family day – make Easter a time when all the family can be together
and enjoy just being a family. Play games, tell stories and laugh
about those funny times when dad did this or Mom did that.

are just a few ideas that should hopefully provide you with some
inspiration in time for Easter. If you decide to throw an Easter egg
hunt party, then the above guide will keep you on the straight and

celebration of Easter is a very ancient holiday. It’s the
commemoration of both the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus
Christ. The roots of Easter goes way back in time. It’s a time that
should be celebrated, so have a great Easter!

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