An evening spent with Barbie under the sea

There isn’t much which will make me want to take the children out after bed times – I’m rather strict on at least being at home and in pyjamas at their bed times.  They are young and thrive on routine.

However when you are invited to meet with Barbie at a closed Sea Life Aquarium in London for a premiere screening of the new Barbie movie – Barbie The Pearl Princess, who was I to say No?  Emmy loves Barbie and loves watching the Barbie movies so I knew she would LOVE it, and Harry loves fish so he would have a whale of a time too (sorry – I couldn’t help that!)

We decided to drive into London as the event started at 7pm and that’s the kids bedtime – they both slept in the car which we had planned.  It’s only a 50 minute drive so was easier than navigating the trains with 2 tired children especially when heading home around 10pm.

We were greeted by a pink carpet, of course! What other colour would you expect to meet Barbie.

It may be every little girls dream to meet Barbie – and Emmy although shy was very excited to meet and cuddle her.  She even chose her pink dress for the occasion, as in Emmy’s words “Barbie likes pink Mummy”.

After our meet and greet we went through to the aquarium to see the fish, both Emmy and Harry were enthralled with them and they even got to see a star fish up close and personal.  The staff were great and were happy to talk to the children (and us) about the fish.

A big screen had been set up for us all to watch the movie and the whole of the front was decked out with over sized floor bean bags for all the children to sit on.  Of course there was pink popcorn and pink marshmallows to enjoy.

The movie features Barbie as Lumina,  mermaid who has a magical power which makes pearls dance and glow!

She discovers that her magical pearls are the key to unlocking her true destiny and ultimately saving the kingdom.  Lumina, and her best friend Kuda, a pink seahorse, embark on an adventure to a majestic mer-kingdom.  There, she uses her powers to help her friends.

You can see a trailer for the movie yourself: Barbie The Pearl Princess

This is being released on DVD on 17th February.

A great time was had by all – as you can see:

Emmy received a goodie bag to take home (Harry was a little green eyed at this and keeps trying to steal her Barbie – don’t tell Daddy as he doesn’t approve).  Inside her bag was a wonderful Barbie mermaid doll.  Emmy’s was Barbie’s Brunette co-star.  She is priced at £14.99 however is on offer for £11.24 currently.

She has a mermaids tail and can bend at the waist so can be posed to sit or pretending to swim. 

In a secret compartment in her tail you will find her comb and she has a string of beads attached to her head so you can style her hair in many different ways and when you want to hide that away it feeds through a hole under her hair.  A perfect feature meaning it doesn’t get lost – great for Emmy who has a tendency of placing hair bands in a safe place – never to be seen again!

Also available in the Pearl Princess range are Lumina, 2 other co-stars (blue blonde and strawberry blonde) and a Mermaid Salon.

We had a fantastic time and I will be ordering the DVD for Emmy as she keeps asking to see it all over again. Widgets

Disclaimer:  We were invited as guests to this screening and have not been asked to write about it, we just had an amazing evening and wanted to.  The above contains affiliate links for convenience.

12 thoughts on “An evening spent with Barbie under the sea

  1. I'm with you, it has to be really "worth it" to keep the kids up late, you pay for it the next day and so do they! But this sounds like a wonderful outing, my daughter has never liked Barbie dolls but the fish would have been a hit!

  2. This looks like every little girl's dream. My youngest daughter loved all the barbie movies when she was little…can't say the same for me! Looks like a very special evening out though 🙂

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