Andy & Mike’s Big Box of Bananas review

A couple of weekends ago we headed out to Harpenden for a family day out, to watch a show with Emmy.  Andy & Mike are both presenters from CBeebies who have known each other since the age of 11 and love performing and entertaining together.

Emmy loves family days out, anything from dog walks, trips to the forest, even shopping trips as long as we are all together – so when we told her we were going to see a show, explaining that 2 men would be on stage making her laugh she got super excited – grabbed her bag and waited by the door.  it helped that I had been able to show her the clip of the show online and she was in fits of giggles.

We had tickets for the final show in this tour and unfortunately even though Harpenden is only 40 minutes drive away from our house, we seemed to get stuck in traffic as soon as we neared St. Albans so our short journey ended up being a very long one and took us an hour and a half – luckily I’m one of these people who refuse to get somewhere on time and would rather be early, so we actually only missed 15 minutes of the show.
It is one of those shows where no matter how much you miss you can get the gist of what is happening within a few minutes and quickly join in with the show.  Audience participation is a huge part of this show and it wasn’t long before Emmy was up on her feet shouting “Wake up, wake up” when Andy & Mike had fallen asleep.

The story line behind the show is that the ‘boys’ receive a parcel – a big box to their ‘fun pad’ and they can’t open it until they find the password.  You then follow them on their magical adventures as they try to figure out the password.

Andy & Mike go on a long adventure seeing them dressed as Sea Creatures, Air Stewardesses, Pirates and even Bananas.  They often left the stage to involve audience members – children and adults – much to the shock of one lady who ended up bright red dancing on the stage to the amusement of her children (one reason I avoid front row seats anywhere!) – however when your children are enjoying themselves so much you can not help yourself but join in.  Paul seemed not to enjoy the show to start with however even he warmed and joined in when he saw Emmy shouting at the stage, dancing and having a great time.

This was a great day out and we are really glad we went to see it.  Andy and Mike will be performing at the Edinburgh Festival 2012 from 1 – 19th August with their new show Andy & Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine

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