Are You A Secret Hoarder?

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We’ve all seen television shows about hoarders collecting junk and all sorts of items in their homes. Have you ever thought that you could be one? If you have unnecessary items cluttering your home, or if it is hard for you to let go of items that you don’t need, you just might be a secret hoarder. Maybe it’s time to seek help from home junk removal services and finally get rid of the burden in your life.

There is a difference between being a collector and a hoarder. Some people collect items that are of significance to them such as concert tickets, bracelets, letters, and other items that have sentimental value. However, there are others who can’t control the items they collect, and when it interferes with everyday life, it may be considered hoarding.
There are extreme cases of hoarding that does not only affect the hoarder, but family members and friends as well. Sometimes, hoarders tend to neglect their loved ones and instead focus on hoarding items even if they see their loved ones getting hurt in the process.


Some Symptoms Of Hoarding

There are some symptoms that are associated with hoarding. In severe cases, all of the symptoms may be present. Here are some of them:

Emotional Attachment – Hoarders typically have emotional attachment to lifeless objects. They have a strong connection to these items probably because it was given by someone special or it has a significant meaning in their lives. For hoarders, losing these possessions can be devastating.

Difficulty Discarding Things – Some hoarders find it difficult to let go of items because of the reasoning that they might come in handy in the future. Collecting items gives them a sense of preparedness in case something happens. This is common for hoarders who fear that the world may be ending soon.

Unliveable Spaces – Hoarders gather items to the point that their homes become unliveable. It doesn’t matter if they have to squeeze into tight spots in order to get from the bedroom to the kitchen, all that matters is that they keep all the items that are significant to them.


Treatment For Hoarding

Hoarders have to go through talk therapy or psychotherapy in order to overcome their hoarding. Cognitive behaviour therapy is said to be the common form of psychotherapy for treating hoarding disorders. Through psychotherapy, hoarders are able to express why they hoard. Therapists will then help them determine the items that they need, and the items that are note helpful in their lives. Hoarders will also learn how to decide and cope with their condition. Hoarding may be difficult to cure in severe cases, but with psychotherapy sessions and support from family and friends, hoarders are able to overcome their challenges.
If you or someone you know is a hoarder, it is best to seek help from professionals immediately. By treating this condition, the quality of life will immensely improve and hoarding will no longer be hindrance to living a full life. A hobby such as collecting doesn’t have to turn into hoarding and rule over your life.


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