Are you theatre lovers?

I’ve been searching for something to see at the theatre.

Has anyone been recently?

What would you recommend?

The reason I am asking is that for my birthday Paul promised me a night out in town.  Dinner and a show.  We have our best friend all lined up to have the children for us however we haven’t booked anything as we are at a loss what to see.

Well actually that’s not quite true.

Paul would love to see The book of Mormon which is a religious satire musical from the creators of South Park. 

Now this doesn’t appeal to me as firstly I can’t stand South Park – it’s really not my type of humour, I don’t find it at all funny and secondly as I want to see something completely different.

I’m tempted by Wicked however I’ve already seen this a few years ago and LOVED it so much.  I would like to see it again however plan to do this with girl friends at a later date as they would enjoy it far more than Paul would.

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Years after seeing this I can still recall the songs and how moved the audience all were by the show, and of course I can’t forget the excited children with their faces painted green. 

So currently I’m at a loss at to what we should see and I’m asking for help.

Paul had never been to the theatre before we got together and as a birthday present pre children I took him to see The Producers, he hadn’t laughed that much for ages.  It really was funny, we both enjoyed it and had a great time.

The following year we went to see Spamalot and we also enjoyed that just as much.

I’ve already seen The Lion King and Stomp and we are planning on taking Emmy to see Matilda at some point this year – this is her favourite movie to watch at home and she even recreates parts of it at home; her favourite being putting Daddy and Harry in the chokey and she is always declaring

“I’m BIG and you’re small
I’m right and you’re wrong
and there is NOTHING
you can do about it!”

It’s actually very funny to hear her say it however not so much when she decides to tell the same thing to her friends.

Looking online and I am actually tempted to book a theatre break as we already have a babysitter lined up who is very happy to have them over night – infact Auntie Ruthie maybe a little upset if they don’t stay. have some good deals should we decide to stay over – this is always a fantastic option as it means we can have dinner and a few drinks and Paul and I haven’t had a night out together since before Emmy was born (well we did however Harry came too).

We are currently swayed towards War Horse.

Has anyone seen it and would you recommend?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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