Asbestos Awareness

Being an Essex girl I have been following closely the reports concerning asbestos found at Dale Farm, not heard?  Read on..

“Scandal continues to surround Dale Farm in Essex due to the discovery of asbestos cement at the site (13kg removed last month). Beyond Dale Farm, asbestos still resides in 75% of UK schools and threatens the lives of children every day.”

Now the fact it is still being found in our schools worries me greatly.

Not enough is being done about asbestos and so a group of legal professionals has taken action to raise awareness.

 Spencers Solicitors raised the issue to the House of Commons, providing substantial evidence to support the need for stronger government action on asbestos in schools – ultimately explaining that the Department for Education ought to consider the following when amending its Property Data Survey Programme:

  • There is currently a lack of honesty about the severity of asbestos in schools
  • There is no authoritative organistion shouldering the problem – meaning the whole issue, and its hope of resolve, is fragmented
  • Scheduled assessments of school buildings should be in place and the results should be accessible to everybody online
  • Asbestos should be systematically removed from all schools, starting with those under the greatest threat.

Now, to help inform more parents, teachers and pupils about the level of asbestos in the UK, Spencers have compiled a series of statistics into an infographic – detailing all the major points from the evidence pack and cleverly representing the figures using imagery.


Allison O’Reilly, Chief Operating Officer for Spencers Solicitors, commented:

“We want asbestos to be completely wiped out from this country – especially from our schools. Still, we understand it’s not that easy or affordable to do it on a mass scale. So, the government need to at least look at the long-term solution and begin by funding asbestos removal from high risk schools.
“The only way this will become a reality is if the entire country understands the scale of the issue. Hopefully this infographic can help contribute to that.”

Please feel free to share this post if you are also concerned of this issue too.  You can find more information over on the Spencers Solicitors website here.

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