Attending a ConfidentNites® sleep retreat with DryNites®

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At the start of the summer I joined my fellow DryNites® Ambassadors and the DryNites® team at a lovely Hotel and Spa in Suffolk for a ConfidentNites® sleep retreat.

I have to say, with 2 children who still wake during the night at the ages of 3 and 6 I was so looking forward to hearing some top tips from the experts as well as unwinding and having a full nights undisturbed sleep.  Sadly I am so used to now waking in the night that it continued along with that strange hotel 2am feeling of where am I and where are the kids.

spa hotel

I still awoke feeling more refreshed than usual and armed with lots of advice ready to tackle the bedwetting and sleepless nights.

During our stay we heard from 3 experts who shared some really helpful tips which would help us as parents help our children to become more confident and give us some new tools and tips to help tackle bedwetting.

Harry at almost 4 is now dry at night around 4-5 nights a week, this has already improved from the start of this ambassadors role where it was around 1-2 nights. These tips have pushed us in the right direction and I am positive it won’t be long before he is confident enough to sleep without his DryNites® – of course it is also down to me to take the next step too and to see how we get on.

In my latest vlog, I have shared a few of the tips shared by the experts during our stay. Take a look and of course I would love a thumbs up and for you to subscribe:

If you would like some helpful tips from experts then please do visit the website


Disclaimer: We are working with DryNites® as Ambassadors


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