Common Nursery Accidents Involving the Mouth and Teeth

Caring for children is not for the weak of stomach. Many common nursery and preschool accidents involve the mouth and teeth, and it’s hard to stem the flow of blood from a mouth wound when you can’t calm the child with a dummy or bottle. As a caregiver for youngsters, these are the situations I’veRead more

5 ways for helping your child get ready for the new school term

So, here we are, heading towards the end of the summer holidays. It doesn’t feel like five minutes since the bell rang at the end of term but there’s no denying it, the autumn term is just around the corner. Starting school again is a stressful time for you as a parent and of courseRead more

Money saving on back to school items + downloadable checklist

September is creeping around quickly and if you haven’t started the back to school shopping yet, then don’t worry you certainly aren’t alone. Many of us parents leave it until 2 weeks before heading back to school until we even think about what is needed for the new school year. My reasons for doing thisRead more

6 Tips to Make Your Anniversary Memorable in Miami

An anniversary is a special day of the year that your partner and you should set aside to celebrate. No matter how many years of marriage you are celebrating, every year should be special. A relaxing and romantic getaway to Miami can be exactly what you need. The beach, brilliant food, relaxing days and romanticRead more

Back to School Shopping at Queensgate Centre, Harlow

Back to school shopping at the Queensgate Centre, Harlow

**Posted in collaboration with Queensgate Centre** How quickly are the Summer holidays passing us by? We are over 4 weeks in with back to school fast approaching us and I am in mixed minds as to whether this is a good or a bad thing? I’ve loved having the kids home from school, no earlyRead more

Use actual handwriting to create a truly sentimental piece – Win a unique Silver Locket

Handwriting is just like fingerprints, it is unique to an individual so no two people will have exactly the same writing style. We spend hours and hours helping our children learn to form their letters correctly, ensuring they hold their pencils properly and repeat their exercises over and over again. It is written down in their schoolRead more