The Secret to Less Stress: Having a Pet Around

Want to de-stress? Get a pet! Being a pet owner comes with many benefits! It’s not just dragging you out for walks that counts. Your four-legged friend contributes to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Think of them as superhero’s in a fur coat! 8 Ways that Pets Can Help Reduce Stress Levels Studies haveRead more

Taking more short breaks within the UK as a family

**This is a collaborative post** If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know that this year we have finally taken the plunge and have booked a rather exciting holiday abroad in October. It will be the first time the children have ever been abroad, and both myself and Paul absolutely cannot wait toRead more

World book day costumes from #AD

Both my children absolutely love stories. Bedtime stories are a special time in our household, a way to calm down for the evening, snuggle up together and enjoy each others company. I first introduced bedtime stories when they were babies, of course, they couldn’t understand what I was reading and it could have been anythingRead more


My pregnancy days may be far behind me but that doesn’t stop me looking around longingly at products I hadn’t discovered when it was my turn, don’t worry Paul if you are reading – I’m certainly not broody at all, our two are more than enough for me. Recently I was introduced to a company called LeRead more

Giveaway: Win FOUR 50 minute private online Maths tuition sessions with Matr #AD

**Posted in collaboration with** You will have seen the post I wrote yesterday on the positives of additional tuition, as parents we want the best for our children and at times that may mean additional help. In a classroom setting children learn at different speeds, some may power through the work set without needingRead more