Are you level headed or heading for a mid-life crisis?

Do you ever look at items in the shops/online and think well the younger me would have purchased that without a second thought? There are so many times recently when I’ve been searching for something practical and thought – Crickey, just when did I age so much? I mean yes I do really need aRead more

BRIO Fire rescue emergency set review

There is something magical about train sets – there never seem to lose there appeal for both adults and children alike. Harry loves paying with his sets and we can spend hours making tracks and having adventures with his trains and figures. Recently, we received the BRIO Fire rescue set to play with and HarryRead more

Guess the Baby #01

Guess the baby

After a rather long break of two years as I ran out of time and participants, I am very pleased to bring back this fun weekly blog series called ‘Guess the Baby’. Each Wednesday I will show you 4 adult pictures and then 4 baby pictures and invite you to match them up – sounds easyRead more

An open letter to my girlfriends – Breast Cancer Awareness Month #Friendshipunwrapped

To my girlfriends You know who this is aimed at, I’ll not embarrass you by naming names. Thank you so much for being there for me over the past year or so, the times have been tough and there have certainly been many bumps along the way. You have held me while I’ve cried, pickedRead more

Bespoke Wardrobes which is the best for you?

The demand for bespoke or customized furniture is increasing day by day. Many people prefer bespoke storage solutions whether that is built-in wardrobes or bookcases for their bedroom or reception, or even fitted home offices for those of us working from home. What’s the reason for homeowners preferring fitted wardrobes? Choice of materials The first and foremostRead more

Fruit Smoothies for busy mornings

Mornings here are hectic to say the least, as we walk to school we all have to be ready and out of the house by 8.30am to get there on time – that may not sound too bad however getting myself and 2 children up washed, dressed and fed by that time is a challengeRead more