How to make an Autumn Hand Print Tree

I love Autumn, the changing colours and the falling leaves.  I’ve been talking about the changing seasons with the kids and trying to explain the difference between the seasons.
Emmy knows that in Summer it is hot and in Winter it’s cold and hopefully that means snow, Spring and Autumn however are a little harder to explain and of course it is always easier to show them than it is to explain.

As we walk or bike ride to school daily we have been looking at the colours of the leaves and them falling from the trees – we’ve been collecting some and I’m drying those out for craft activities over the next few weeks.  Talking about the colours we decided to make our own Autumn tree using hand and foot prints.

We continued to talk about the colours of the Autumn leaves as we got out the paints – Red, Orange and Yellow for the leaves and brown for the tree trunk.

Covering clothes with aprons we make hand prints with each colour (Red, Yellow & Orange) onto sheets of white paper.


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Then using Brown paint we foot printed onto the white paper (this is obviously messy so we didn’t bother taking pictures of that).  I would suggest having a bowl of warm soapy water next to you while doing this and the hand prints, as well as a towel so as to avoid making too much mess – you really do not want hand or foot prints on the floors, cupboards or walls (yes we have been there too many times).
childrens hand painting, foot printing, Autumn crafts
Once dry I cut around the hand and foot prints and together we glued the back of them all.  We then arranged the foot prints into a tree trunk shape and then randomly added the coloured hand prints to make our Autumn hand and foot print tree picture.


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