Ava the Elephant competition winner

Before I annound the winner of this competition I would like to let you know that Just for Toddlers has now been launched.  You can find some lovely products aimed at Toddlers, including bathtime, strollers, bedtime and gifts amoungst others. 

My favourite item is the Moover Prams (Emmy has one of these waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas day – brought elsewhere) and I adore the Cuddlebug Toddler Towels.

My guest post Choosing the right Nursery – a guide is also up on the site and I would love for you all to take a look.  Its a follow-up post to my Behind the scenes of a Private Day Nursery post.

Right back to business – the winner has been choosen, 55 entries were added into the Random list generator and here is the winner:

Congratulations to @Karmaperle
Could you please email clarenich@googlemail.com with your address and I will arrange delivery for you.  Well done.

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