Baby Boom Boom – Nursery Rhymes in English & Spanish

This is another product I came across while at the Baby Show.  Baby Boom Boom are a company who make Children’s Nursery Rhyme CD’s in English and a second language.

The languages available at present are:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • German
  • Welsh
  • Chinese Mandarin
  • Scottish Gaelic
    (Japanese will be coming soon)

I chose the Spanish CD to try out with Emmy at home as I thought it would come in useful as her Nanny and Grandad have a time-share in Spain and plan to take Emmy on holiday with them at some point (although I am convinced that I need to go along to – I’m happy for them to look after Emmy for the whole week while I sun bathe – really happy infact!)

We have been listening to this CD for a few week’s now and Emmy loves it, she doesn’t realise that it is a different language and happily dances away to the music and i’m very sure she will pic up the second language very quickly as she already automatically does the actions to “Five Little Ducks” when she hears the Spanish version.

The CD’s are available on their own for £9.99 or with musical instruments for Babies and Juniors at £19.99.

(Left – Baby instrument set aged 6+ months, Right – Junior instrument set aged 3+ months)
We were sent the CD which Emmy dances along to and plays with her own instruments while trying to sing along however the bag sets are a great way to build up an instrument collection if you don’t already have these at home.
Our Spanish CD has 16 Nursery Rhymes on including an introduction to Baby Boom Boom.  You are given a sentence of introduction in English which is then repeated in Spanish.  The same happens with the songs – they are sung a verse at a time English first and then Spanish.
The words are also clearly printed inside the booklet which accompanies the CD so you can learn them properly – I have taken to playing this CD in my car and have on numerous occassions found myself singing along (even without Emmy in the car) to the English and some of the Spanish words too.  I am convinced Emmy will pick them up much faster than me as children absorb languages very quickly so the sooner they are introduced the quicker they will learn.
A few of the songs from our CD are:
  • Five Little Duck – Cinco Patitos
  • One, Two, Three, Four, Five – Uno, Dos, tTes, Cuatro, Cinco
  • If Your Happy And You Know It – Si Te Sientes Contento
  • This Little Piggy – Este Cerdito

Once Emmy has started to pick up the spanish words I will definately buy her a few more CD’s in different languages as it is so easy to absorb the words through this fun learning tool – even better she has no idea she is even learning!

You can hear a sample of the French, Spanish, German and Italian CD’s on the Baby Boom Boom Website: and can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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