Baby Brain – does it ever go away?

I have endless to-do-lists, pieces of paper hidden everywhere, notes in my phone, alerts on the phone, I have to set an alarm so I don’t miss school pick up, doctors appointments have to be written down then put straight into the diary – all so I don’t forget.

I never used to be like this

I used to be able to remember

Phone numbers I could recite of by heart

Addresses remembered

Car registration numbers were easy, I could tell you any family members registration

Birthdays were never ever forgotten

So what happened?


Baby Brain, wtf am i doing, brain drain,

I used to laugh at friends for being so forgetful, it was the funniest thing EVER to watch them racking their brains to remember the very important thing they just had to tell me.

Three times this week I forgot to hand in Emmy’s letter at School, it’s in my bag still waiting to be given in to the school.  Thankfully it’s only a silly form asking you to fill in your child’s ethnic origin and nothing really important.  I forgot her snack money on Monday and have to give it to Emmy to hold going in on Tuesday so it wasn’t forgotten again.

My washing is currently still on the washing line as once again I forgot to bring it in, it’s OK though this time it’s only been there 2 days – I will bring it in tomorrow (unless I forget – can someone remind me?), the last lot was there for 2 weeks as it kept raining so seemed pointless bringing it in while wet and then by that time it needed rewashing anyway.

I’m yet to forget anything really major like one of the children however a friend was telling me last week that she had gone shopping in the car and someone asked her who was looking after the baby…..the words “OH SHIT”, were uttered when she realised that in the task of loading up the car with the buggy and other baby paraphernalia, carrying it all down the stairs as she lived in flats; that she had left the baby in the car seat on the balcony.  

Lack of sleep does contribute to my forgetful nature, Harry almost sleeps through now so it’s getting a little better however I am a light sleeper so any noise outside and I hear it, the dog snoring under my bed is very annoying and weekends are filled with parties in neighbouring houses – all of which keep me awake and it makes me not only grumpy but forgetful.

Now, I’m sure that Baby Brain may not be a technical term however it does effect us Mum’s rather badly.

Wendy Snell, a leading child and women’s health expert at Blossoms Healthcare has written a guest post on the Mothercare Blog about Brain Drain and on of her tips for combatting this is

“If you work around-the-clock and get little sleep your mind and body will soon start to feel the strain.  This can make it difficult for you to cope with even minor tasks.  This is why it is important for new mums to snatch any moment they can to get some rest.  Forget the household chores for a few hours and instead whilst your baby is napping try and get some rest.  This will help you to keep up your stamina and help you to keep on top of things.”

I definitely did try to do that the first time around as after a few weeks of trying to everything on little sleep I soon realised that it was not possible to function and I got into the habit of taking Emmy upstairs for her afternoon feed and nap around 1.30pm, we would climb into my bed and I would watch Doctors while she fed then we would both nap for a while, usually an hour and a half.  I miss that time, it’s impossible the second time around as Harry will fall asleep on the school run in the buggy or baby carrier and as soon as we are home he wakes up again refreshed and ready to go again whereas I could collapse on the sofa happily for a good half hour but it’s not to be.

Do you suffer from baby brain?

Do you have any tips for combating it? Or am I now doomed for all eternity?

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