Baby Shower gift ideas

I was very lucky when I was pregnant with Emmy, I had a very large group of friends who organised a baby shower for me.
We had this in a local pub and had a whale of a time.
I was spoilt rotten, and so was my pink bump.  Everyone knew I was having a baby girl and she really was the centre of attention, even though she hadn’t been born then, I guess she started as she meant to carry on!
I have been to a few baby showers and half the fun is the planning. 
They’re easier to plan now I am actually a Mum myself, as it’s the little gifts you remember to buy which others wouldn’t think of, I now I try to buy gifts which the new mum will make use of immediately or possibly won’t even know she needs it until it arrives.  I used to be the one who bought the cute newborn outfits and matching shoes however I now realise that these rarely get worn as babygrows are a new mums best friend and everything gets covered in poo and sick anyway.
I’ve a old school friends babyshower to attend soon, she is having her first so I have started to think about which gifts would be most useful, here are just a few:
  • Muslins – you can never have too many
  • Chocolates – all new mums NEED chocolates
  • Photo albums
  • A voucher for her local hairdressers – it may be a while before it is used however it will be very welcomed
  • Cooked meals – Take over a hot meal in the first few weeks, cooking will be far from their minds and a break is always welcomed – a pizza or a takeaway is just as welcomed
  • Bubble bath
  • A hamper of nappies, wipes, nappy rash cream, baby lotions etc – even if they already have some you can never have enough
  • A digital thermometer – you never know just how much you will use these, and you never have one when they are needed most (usually around 2am when everywhere is closed)
  • Teething Bling – I loved mine and had never heard of them before having my own children (they are necklaces and bracelets which babies can teethe on)
  • Ewan the dream sheep – a cute sheep which plays white noise
  • Grobags – baby sleeping bags
  • House safety products for child proofing the house – OK, yes a strange babyshower gift however it’s guaranteed there will be a mad dash to the shops once the baby is crawling and opening drawers and cupboards etc
  • Breast feeding pillow – also good for use with bottle feeding too
Those are a normal and very useful ideas, however if you are looking for a different type of gift how about:
  • A family photo shoot
  • A cleaner for a week/fortnight
  • How about using a physic switchboard such as Kooma during the babyshower itself to answer any questions the new mum may have?  A little bit of fun for all involved.
  • A mum to be massage
Did you have a baby shower?  What was your most useful gift?
Mine was my Angelcare baby monitor which I am still using with Harry over 4  years since I was given it.
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