Back to School with Wilko for last minute items

Back to school with Wilko

I thought I was so organised, I washed the kids School uniforms on the last day of school even remembering their PE kits.

I made a list and checked it twice and knew which items they both needed for School – then they grew and I needed to re-write that list adding additional uniform items to it – T-shirts and Plimsolls, Shoes and even underwear – the sock monster has been here again and knickers and pants on the tight side, starting back in a new school year really does cost rather a lot even if the uniform doesn’t change, the sizes do!

As I say, I thought I was all set and ready and then Emmy reminded me she is off to Juniors and therefore can take her own stationery etc. Of course she doesn’t have to BUT try telling that to a 7 year old when all her friends will be, and the school has limited budget for these things anyway.

Thankfully Wilko came to the rescue and introduced me to their rather extensive back to school range of stationery and accessories so I was able to kit her out in one go without trampling to many shops in the process – their handy store locator will help you find your nearest one, I headed off to Lakeside where they had a large range of back to school items.

It wasn’t only Emmy who needed a few bits in a bid to organise her for back to school, I was also running low on a few things I’ll need for when they both go back and I am able to get into the full working game again with 5 whole days now to work in sociable hours instead of the dead of night way past midnight trying to meet deadlines.

I opted for a few essentials and a few practical items. Notebooks for Emmy to write in and make notes in, a pencil case to keep it all in, pens and pencils and a couple of pritt sticks ready for her homework projects.

A new folder and pad for my to-do-lists and note taking for client meetings and a new memo/weekly planner board to help organise the kit both children need for school daily, keeping check of their clubs and playdates etc.

I then went a step further in my organising and made days of the week labels and laminated them sticking them onto a new drawer unit I had purchased from Ebay ready for putting their school uniforms in to help make the morning rush as easy as possible.

I have placed all the kids uniforms ready for each day in the drawers so they can dress themselves in the morning without the made rush and search for clothes…..I just need to remember to put the clothes in here weekly now, but I guess it’s a few less clothing items to hang in their wardrobes though.

Are you all set for the kids heading back to school now?

Disclaimer: We received our items FOC in exchange for this post.


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