Back to school with Jake Shoes

It’s that time when all parents look at the calendar and thing – it’s OK we still have a few weeks until the kids go back to school, and I admit I am one of those parents.

However, there are lots of us with the same thoughts and once the final panic sets in we will all head to the shops at the same time and some of course will be disappointed that the uniform or shoes we need are out of stock as we all madly rush to buy at the same time.

Why not get the kids feet measured next time you are out even if you aren’t ready to buy them just yet, you will then know the size you will need and you could then purchase them online to avoid the disappointment of your required size being out of stock.

Over the holidays the kids have been putting school shoes from Jake Shoes through their paces and they are rather please, as am I with the results.

Emmy, being very girlie and liking to change outfits several times a day opted for Lelli Kelly Angel changeable strap shoes in Black Patent – these come with 3 changeable straps so she can change the look of her shoes whenever she likes.

For school she has to have black shoes, they can have a pattern on them which if black is fine so I’m unsure where she will be allowed to wear the sparkly butterfly straps while in school but I guess I will find that out soon enough as that’s the strap she loves the most.

This isn’t a problem however as they also come with a black strap with black bows on and a black bar with Lelli Kelly written in black writing on them.

These will both be fine for school and we can use the sparkles to turn them into party shoes or occasion shoes when not at school – you almost get 3 pairs of shoes for the same price of £49.99. They are available in sizes 8 UK child up to a 2.5 UK youth.

Lelli kelly school shoes

I prefer patent shoes for Emmy at school as others look worn and scuffed far too quickly where she plays football on the field and climbs the trees on the way home, with these I can give them a quick wipe over with a wet cloth and they look as good as new for much longer.

These are Velcro shoes in a wide fitting, Emmy has wide feet just like me. They unfasten both sides so you can remove the straps completely. By having the Velcro on both sides Emmy is able to tighten until they are comfy for her, although of course the more you change over the straps on these shoes the faster the Velcro will begin to fail as tend to happen after continuous use with any Velcro shoes.

These have a great grip on the sole meaning Emmy is still able to climb trees as she loves to do and to run around, swing up on the bars in the park and ride her bike and scooter easily even when they get a little wet. Very comfortable and stylish at the same time – I just wish they made them in my size!

Another added attraction for Emmy is the addition of the Lelli Kelly make-up which comes with all Lelli Kelly shoes.

For Harry I opted for the Kickers Kids Kick Lo Velcro shoes, these are a very sturdy style shoes, which is needed for Harry who tends to go through shoes very quickly by scuffing them within the first few wears.

As you can see these have a very substantial chunky sole. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to scoot to school dragging a foot along behind him either on the on the toe or by dragging the sole along the ground – this is just one reason shoes don’t see to last long with Harry.

Because these shoes are on the heavier side I have found he doesn’t tent to scoot dragging the toe while wearing these, I assume this is due to the weight of them and that the toe area is stiffer than he is used to so they don’t bend as easily as other shoe styles.

Being Velcro means he is able to do up and undo himself and I have taught him that the  Kickers label needs to be on the outside of the shoes so he can put them on the correct feet – I could always tell when he had done PE at Nursery as he would come out with his old shoes on the wrong feet. These also have a removable Velcro Kickers tag which can be removed

The double Velcro strap helps to keep them on tightly when he is climbing trees, jumping over puddles (he’s not allowed in puddles in school shoes and unless in welly boots – not that he always listens but that is the rule), and racing his sister and friends across the field.

These shoes are also available in a tan colour and a blue which look really cute but we have to have black for school.

Being leather these are easy to clean and Harry finds them very comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off himself. They are on the heavy side however but I do find that is the same with all Kickers shoes – we have had a few pairs in previous years and they do last well and clean up nicely too (even when covered in mud!)

These are available from £45 in sizes from a 5.5 UK child all the way up to a 2.5 UK youth.

Disclaimer: We received these items in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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