Back to School Settling In – or NOT Settling In

The first few days of a new school year are always hard for the kids, they’ve had 7 weeks away from the school structure and routine. Time doing what they want and when, to an extent, later bedtimes, no homework and of course they haven’t seen most of their friends over that time.

If that were you as an adult, you’d struggle to settle back into a routine straight away so of course they are bound to find it hard initially.

Thankfully the school does realise this and although they started back last week Thursday, they didn’t really do anything work-wise over those 2 days.

It was about finding their feet again and settling in. Getting to know their new classrooms and the new teachers. The staff needed this time too, I’m sure, to get to know the children they will have in their classrooms for the next year.

It was also an opportunity for the children to get all their talking out, to tell their friends about their holidays and days out, show off lost teeth and grazed knees etc.

Harry has settled in very well, as I knew he would. He has gone into Year 1 this year, and although had a wobble the weekend before heading in has been fine. He was excited to see his friends again as had been missing them and was desperate to see his girlfriend – isn’t young love at the age of 5 just the cutest?

He hasn’t been fazed by a new teacher at all and thinks it is all fun currently. That will change when he realises this year he has homework he needs to complete – reading and spellings to start with. He is a reluctant reader at the best of times and already has been allocated a book which is too hard for him so I can’t see it being an easy task getting him to do every day – but I will make sure he does.

Emmy has been the complete opposite sadly, she was apprehensive before heading back as she doesn’t cope well with change. She is now in Year 4 and knows the work will be much harder this year.

Her main worry it seems is the change in teachers, she has gone from having one teacher who she really became attached to and her TA (her godmother so of course she loved her) to having 3 teachers over the course of a week in her new class.

Now change is hard for all children and Emmy definitely struggles with it so this will take some getting used to. I know by the time she goes to secondary school she will have a different teacher for each subject but she will be 11 then, now she is 8 and it’s hard for her.

Each morning so far I’ve had to drag her from her bed as she is tired. She is refusing to go to sleep as is worrying about school the next day.

I’ve tried to talk to her about what is worrying her but can’t get to the bottom of it.

She’s asking to quit school daily.

Cries most nights and doesn’t want to go.

She loves her friends and has a good time when in school, so she says and the teachers say she’s fine when there but as a parent, it is a worry.

I worry that someone has upset her and she won’t tell me although she’s adamant they haven’t.

I have told her we could get her moved to a different year 4 class if she isn’t happy in this one (there are 3 classes per year group in our school) but she doesn’t want to move away from the friends she’s been with since reception class.

Tiredness is a huge part of the problem. She gets herself so worked up at night that she can’t sleep, will only sleep when I am with her. Then as she’s been awake so late she can’t get up in the mornings. I’ve written about her sleep issues a few times previously, it really is frustrating as she slept so well as a baby.

It’s a vicious circle. I even make a point of wearing them out at the weekends – to the point of an 8.9-mile walk and still she is wide awake at 10.30pm worrying about school.

I think I will make an appointment with the school next week to talk through these issues and see if they have any suggestions.

I’d love to say it’s a faze she’s going through but it’s been like this for most of the time she’s been in school.

Any advice is warmly welcomed. If I could get her sleeping I really do think half the problem would be solved.

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