Back to School with Smiggle

back to school with Smiggle

With Emmy heading off to juniors in September she is now able to take her own stationery with her and she is very excited about this indeed.

Last year she discovered Smiggle on one of our London adventures and fast became her favourite place to visit, of course she always wants everything while in there and she has a huge long list of the items she wants for her pencil case when back at school, and also a long list of bags, notebooks and lots of other items.

A few weeks ago Smiggle very kindly sent Emmy a selection of back to school items and she was over the moon.

Her favourite was most definitely the DIY Lunchbox which comes complete with 6 permeant colouring pens and it adorned with cute and funky characters to colouring in and decorate yourself. This is available in a pink or a black – the pink shown here has cute and cheerful designs on it while the black has monsters and faces over it. These cost £15 each and are great for school lunches as once you’ve coloured them in they are personal to you and no one in the school will have one identical.

Emmy has spent hours carefully colouring hers ready for school lunches – she wants to change from school dinners to pack lunches, I am still keen for her to have a hot meal but as I will now be paying for them I have compromised with her and she will start with dinners for a few weeks at least but can change to packed lunches. I will then switch her back to school dinners in the winter months. When they have packed lunches they are able to eat outside on the field meaning they have longer play time – I can certainly see the appeal.

This lunch bag is insulated with two compartments, the bottom is the perfect size for a carton of juice and a snack bar and the top for sandwiches and other snacks and fruit. Inside these is also a name tag where you can add a name, address, email and phone number.

Personally I don’t think there is a need for all that information on the tag and would have liked to have seen a more neutral design available as a middle ground – perhaps there is scope to include another bag to the range at a later date.

She was also sent a few other items ready for going back to school, an out of this world combo ruler this is a 30cm ruler which cleverly holds 2 pencils, a rubber and a sharpener. This is a lovely edition for Emmy’s school bag and having the combo means it is all compact and takes up less room in her bag.

She was also sent a boot pencil case which is shaped like a football boot – this she has given to Harry who now carries it around with nearly everywhere he goes.

The slapband watch is possibly my favourite item, with a RRP of £14 but currently on offer for £10, there is no struggling with straps and buckles and with a digital display it is super easy for Emmy to tell the time – she does have another watch which I recently purchased as I am keen for her to learn the time properly but this is a good starting point for her.

There is also a pop face pen which is very cute, you press a button and a the head pops off which is attached with a cord, you then push it back on again and do all over again.

Lastly, she received a pocket pals collectable mini journal – there are 8 of these to collect and are currently £6 but have a buy 1 get 1 free offer on. They come in a box & encourage self expression. 160pg journal with unique content, scented badge, bookmark, scented stickers, dice template & game piece. Collect all 8 to complete & play the rainbow riders board game! 12x8x2.5cm


Disclaimer: We received these items in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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