Bath Crayons – Grrrrrr

I have learnt the hard way from this stupid mistake.  While shopping in Tesco’s a few months ago I found some lovely Bath Crayons in the baby aisle, I thought Emmy would love them in her bath and I was right – she did love them and used them every bath time, covering every tile and giggling having a great time creating such pictures as this (with help):

I found this very cute and once she had finished the first pack of Bath Crayons I happily brought her some more.  Which have quite promptly been thrown in the bin and are now banned in this house as this is NOT CUTE!

Luckily I have managed to get this off my living room wall however i’m yet to find a solution to remove the Crayon off the Plasma TV screen.

7 thoughts on “Bath Crayons – Grrrrrr

  1. Grrr indeed. Totally sympathise; the children ruined the bathroom grouting in our old house with bath crayons. Had to get a weird grout polish thing and ended up doing the entire bathroom because the redone ones were so shiny compared to the old ones. Never again!

  2. try Doktor Power magic eraser on the tiles and the white bits, as to the plasma TV think it best to ask some professionals for advice, though maybe same eraser, its like magic lol, good luck and they are banned in our home too!

  3. They leave a residue around the bath wihc is hard to get off… that is if they are the same as when my daughter was little

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