A fun family day out in Battersea Park & Zoo

This weekend we finally met up with old friends of ours.  We’ve not managed to see them for around a year due to all living busy lives – you know how it is life gets in the way and before you know it a year has passed.

They live in London and as we just love London and spend lots of time there so it was an easy option to meet them somewhere near to them. Battersea Park is somewhere we hadn’t visited before and it sounded perfect.

As it was a Sunday the roadside parking was free, there is plenty of onsite parking which you pay for if there was no available spots on the road.

Battersea Park is HUGE, a couple of miles south of Marble Arch and a tranquil haven in the middle of a very busy and bustling city.

Inside the park are football pitches and enclosed sports courts, there is a lovely kids play area with assault courses, areas for older children, designated areas for younger children, a sand pit and even a Go Ape course above the playground.

There is a lake and a boating lake, crazy golf, mini Zoo and so much more to do.

We had lunch in a lovely Pizza restaurant just next to the park area which meant we could all catch up and chat while the children played inside the park happily, the food was lovely but very limited in options and rather expensive too (I guess I had forgotten I was in central London really and was shocked that 2 adults pizza’s and a child’s – the kids shared, was almost £40).

The kids loved being able to have the freedom to roam the park area and although it was a big playground area we were mainly able to see them in all the areas inside, they knew not to go outside the park and stay where we could see them.  This type of freedom is something they are very used to at home however it’s not something we are usually able to do in London as there are usually too many cars, roads and people around.

It is definitely somewhere we will be heading back to as we only covered about a quarter of the park in the 4 and a half hours we were there (we did sit and eat lunch in that time too).

The whole place (barring the kids playground and the zoo) are pet friendly so we took Barney with us for the day and he had a wonderful time running around chasing his ball and playing with the children.

You are also able to hire bikes which we may do next time, there are bikes for all – banana bikes, trikes, adult bikes and even tandem side by side ones.

We had a little wander around Battersea Park Zoo, I wasn’t very impressed though – it is small with very few animals (it takes a max of an hour to wander around slowly), there are little coin operated rides inside which I try to avoid as we’ve already paid an entrance fee (£8.95 for adults and £6.95 for children) and also a little park area which the kids enjoyed. There aren’t a huge amount of animals here but the kids enjoyed it. I won’t be rushing back into the zoo but can’t wait for our next visit to the park.

Battersea Park with children

On our next visit, we will probably pack a picnic to eat inside, grab some rain coats or cardigans from Woznow as by then we should hopefully be into spring and the need for coats in theory will have passed – you can’t however trust the British weather, we will pack it all into a rucksack and make another day of it, bypassing the Zoo this time around and perhaps hiring a boat instead for a few hours.

By the time we left the park we were all shattered and the kids napped in the car on the way home and if I am honest I was certainly ready for my bed too.

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6 thoughts on “A fun family day out in Battersea Park & Zoo

  1. This post wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought that the dog shelter had a family fun day. It’s lovely to hear more about the area and what it has to offer. #CountryKids

  2. I’ve never been to Battersea Park, but it looks like a great day out. It’s always good when there’s something for different ages. I know what you mean, London prices are always shocking!#CountryKids

  3. I’ve never been to Battersea Park but I do find when we go to London I gravitate to a park for at least some of the day to give the kids a bit of safe space. Battersea looks huge and full of interesting areas, I’m definitely adding it to our list. I don’t think mine would think much of the zoo but a picnic in the park sounds like a plan.

    Thank you for sharing your experience on #CountryKids

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