Beasts of Balance Review

Beasts of Balance review

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Beasts of Balance was a new game recently introduced to us and one we instantly fell in love with – a mix between a board game and modern technology.

This is an app-enabled game which comes to life on the screen however with physical pieces in front of you it encourages creativity, motor skills and cognitive development as well as problem-solving and fast thinking all at the same time.

Beasts of Balance is brought to you by Sensible Object – a team of artists and engineers working to make screen time… family time!

You can play either on your own or battle it out with up to 4 players. Emmy has really enjoyed this game and played it almost daily since it arrived.

You stack magical artefacts in precarious towers to create digital worlds bursting with life on your phone, tablet or TV! Play together in Co-op Mode or get ready to tussle in the all-new Battles Mode. It takes skill and smarts to build a huge tower and keep your beasts alive, but watch out… the world explodes when the tower collapses!

With 25 game pieces in the box you insert batteries to the base (not included) and download the app to your phone or tablet – this is available for ios or android and you are then ready to play.

Whether you play on your own or in battle mode the idea is to keep your creatures alive – inside the box are 6 animals: an Octopus, Bear, Toucan, Shark, Warthog and an Eagle. There are also 1 plinth, 2 miracle artefacts, 3 migrate artefacts, 3 cross artefacts and 10 element artefacts.

Initially, it took us a little time to work out just what to do, it’s a game like no other and something Emmy certainly hadn’t come across previously.

The idea is to keep your animals alive. There are land animals, sea animals and sky animals BUT you can also create new crossbreeds of animals by using the migrate and cross artefacts – the possibilities are endless and we have managed to create over 35 different creatures but there are many many more we are still to make. You can see the new ones you’ve created on the app. For example is you have a shark and a warthog on your plinth and then add the cross piece you will create a ‘SwineJaw’ who will then also live in your virtual world.

On your screen you will see numbers by your animals, this is how much life they have left, you can ‘charge’ their life to renew it using the element artefacts – land animals need the land element, sea animals the sea element and air/sky animals need the sky element.

To add a piece to the plinth you first need to scan the ‘barcode’ on each playing piece to the side of the plinth so it registers on the app and then once balanced on the plinth appears in the virtual world.

This can be a little tricky to start with but once you have established the rules and exactly what needs to be done to keep your creatures alive it is so much fun.

Of course, this is a game of skill so you need to keep all the pieces balanced onto the plinth, should your tower of animals and artefacts fall you have a time limit to rebuild your tower before the volcano erupts and your virtual world is destroyed.

You can add to this game too with new add-on pieces available – I think we will have to do this at some point in the future as Emmy is desperate for a unicorn for her game – I don’t think I know anyone who wouldn’t like a unicorn really. There are also dragons, space whales, an omnibeast and a playmat available, as well as a few other mythical creatures which all look great additions to the game. The box this game comes in is also a decent size with sections for each animal and game piece, however, if you purchased the add-ons you are able to remove the box insert and all would still easily fit inside the original box just easily.

We’ve also been playing with the Battle cards extension pack, this is an addition you can buy to help you battle opponents to help you beat them. Used with 2-3 players to help make Beasts of Balance BATTLES MODE even more intense with these 16 digitally enhanced BATTLE CARDS and Smite’, ‘Hex’ and ‘Nope’ the opposition! When Battle Cards are enabled each player wields a hand of cards, allowing them to invoke a whole host of weird and wonderful effects when played. Some are focused on attack, some aid defence, and others manifest in much more surprising ways! Battle cards are available for £16

A few of the cards are:

  • Thank you kindly – steal the power of the card or artefact that’s just been scanned
  • Immune cocoon – Select a beast. It is now shielded from all effects until the cocoon disappears
  • Fight, Fight, Fight – select 2 beasts. They do damage to each other equal to their own life
  • Smite – select a beast. Make it explode

There are 16 cards in total, used wisely they can help you defeat your opponents and win the game.

Although this is a pricier game at £69, it doesn’t seem to be a one hit wonder here. It has been played so many times and for hours at a time. This would be a great one for family get-togethers and family game nights but it is just as much fun to play alone. For further information please visit the website:

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Disclaimer: We received this game in exchange for this post, as always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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