Beat Blue Monday with a Pizza Party #TescoPizza

Today is ‘Blue Monday’ the most depressing day of the year apparently and looking out of the window you can even tell that the weather has this memo too!

Today, it still a week before payday for most of us with January being the worse month financially for many of us – we are all feeling the pinch from Christmas still and trying to cut back on additional spending to help combat this. Those of you who started new years resolutions may be finding them a tad vary by now and going to the gym 3 times a week doesn’t sound so appealing anymore, and if you embarked upon Dry January you may now be finding it tough with still a few weeks to go.

We were invited by Tesco to lift our Blue Monday with a pizza party – now you’ll notice as I am posting this at this time of day that we cheated slightly and held ours yesterday, this is because Emmy has swimming lessons after school tonight and Paul gets home from work after the children have eaten their dinners – A party is always more fun with more people after all!

We had a great time and fun was had by all, the TV went off and the music on!

We spent time as a family before dinner playing ‘Chattabox’ – a game where you spin the spinner to find out your topic and then turn over your card.  Each card has a letter on it and you take it in turns to turn cards over and shout out something beginning with that letter depending on the topic you’ve spun.


Harry of course found this impossible as he doesn’t know his letters yet, that said even Paul and I struggled when it came to ‘fruit or vegetables’ beginning with X or ‘Films and TV shows’ beginning with V – I did get Van Heisling but it took me a while that’s for sure.

We then took a dinner break, enjoying 2 of the new range of Takeaway pizza’s from Tesco – at 14 inches they are huge but with everyone liking different toppings it was a great way to share by cooking them up and putting them in the middle so everyone could choose which they wanted. To take it extra party style we ate on a blanket on the floor – something we don’t often do but the children love – there is always much more fun to be had eating meals picnic style on the floor with your fingers I find!

Tesco has developed a new range of delicious 14″ sharing pizzas – these all cost only £4.50 which won’t break the bank and means you can enjoy a takeaway tasting pizza at just a fraction of the cost! That has to be a winner for ‘Blue Monday’ surely?  There are a choice of toppings available including: Veggie Supreme, Hawaiian Deluxe, Mighty Meat Combo, BBQ Chicken Supreme, Stuffed Crust Cheese Meltdown and Stuffed Crust Ultimate Pepperoni.


We opted for the Stuffed crust cheese meltdown and Mighty Meat combo and served them with cucumber, baby tomatoes, bread sticks and dips.


With the music blaring and sitting on the floor having a picnic we were filled with giggles and kept bursting into song much to Paul’s horror – he apparently didn’t want to ‘Shut up and dance with me’.

After we had had our fill of Pizza we cleared up and opened another family board game, this time it was junior monopoly – we have the bigger versions but wanted to include Harry. This is a perfect one for him and Emmy as it uses only £1 notes and you can buy properties from the off, rent is the same price as the purchase price and all the rules are easy to follow – Harry is brilliant at this game and counts out all his money on his own (he is 4), this isn’t one which goes on for hours as with the traditional monopoly and was a great way to send a calm evening before settling the children into bed.

How can any day be blue with that cheeky face around?
How can any day be blue with that cheeky face around?

After swimming tonight when they will both be tired we will be settling down to watch Mary Poppins.

How will you be spending your ‘Blue Monday?’

Disclaimer: I was provided with vouchers to purchase our Pizzas and a selection of family treats for our #TescoPizza party.






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