Beautiful flowers from Blossoming gifts, plus a discount code

It’s wonderful to receive flowers for any occasion isn’t it?  I personally think the best time to receive them is for no reason at all – Just Because flowers either sent or given will cheer someone up, start their day with a smile and make you feel happy, warm and fuzzy too.  It’s for this reason I’ve just let myself into my best friends house to pop some milk in the fridge, fresh bread on the side and some chocolates and flowers in too as a special surprise for when she returns from her holiday.
I nearly always have flowers around the house – they just brighten the room, look pretty and of course smell beautiful too.  Currently I have a beautiful bouquet in the windowsill which were a flower delivery from Blossoming Gifts.
The flowers I were sent are called October Glee and are made up with Agapanthus, Lilies and Roses, these came packaged in a small long parcel, beautifully wrapped and padded out with moist tissue so they didn’t dry out in transit. 
They also came with a card offering £5 off my next order and a small box of chocolates.
The Lilies were all closed on arrival which I actually prefer as it means the bouquet has a longer life span.

 The colours in this bouquet were just stunning, they were bold and bright and were certainly eye catching. 
The Lilies opened up within around 4 days and over a week after taking delivery of these they are all still going strong.
If you have an occasion coming up, a birthday to buy for, an anniversary or even a just because present I have a discount code which will give you 33% off any flowers from this site (excluding the flowers by post range)
The October Glee bouquet is priced at £34.99 and available from – if you would like to save 33% off your order then please use the code BGIFTS33 at checkout.

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