Beautiful night lighting with Cox and Cox

Ever since Emmy was little we have had a night light in her room, to start with it was for making life easier with night feeds etc and later on was on her insistence on not liking the dark.
When I decorated Emmy’s room to change from a nursery to a big girls room I didn’t manage to change these nightlights as I couldn’t find anything to fit the bill so we stayed with her penguin light as it was useful that she could move it around with her and it didn’t get hot to hold. 
Now she is a little older, the need to carry the light with her or cuddle it has disappeared and that means that I was able to add a few pretty accessories of beautiful night lights to her room which is where Cox and Cox came to my aid.
I was able to have a browse of their wonderful site to choose some lighting for Emmy’s room, although that was a hard feat as I was drawn to so many wonderful options and I would have happily chosen them all given the chance – it’s not often I am at a loss when offered a choice for review but this time it took me a while to narrow down my final choice.
I finally opted for 2 different lights for her room, the Crystal light garland which is string of battery powered LED lights adorned with clusters of hundreds of delicate plastic crystal beads. 
The length of this garland is 290cm which is enough to frame a large picture, line a mantle or possibly twist around a wreath to make a Christmas decoration.  To begin with I hung Emmy’s princess canopy back in her room and used these to decorate the top of this, this worked for a short while only the weight of the lights wasn’t ideal and the netting is actually quite annoying when trying to sleep under as if Emmy moves around too much she pulls on it and I worry she will get tangled in it or worse.
We decided that having these on the canopy wasn’t a great idea, they don’t get hot but it did worry me so I removed the canopy again and added picture hooks above Emmy’s bed, I positioned the on/off switch so I sat on her windowsill and hung on the hooks above her bed.  This works really well and she loves her new bedtime lighting.
We leave these on all night, turning off in the morning – they take 3 AA batteries, which aren’t supplied and I am finding the batteries are lasting around a week which is really good as they are on from 7pm until around 8am.  I do find the lights are very bright when you have new batteries in and it would be ideal to have a dimmer option available for this time.
These lights cost £25.
I also chose the Star Night Light which is new to the site.
This is a plug-in light which has cut-out star detailing on the edging so a soft light can be projected around the room.
This doesn’t come with a bulb so you will need to purchase a screw type candle bulb, I am using an 18watt bulb and that is bright enough for a nightlight.
There is an on/off switch on the cord which I have positioned behind Emmy’s headboard so she can reach herself.
This really is adorable once night sets in and is turned on.  It is a medium sized light made from porcelain.
This light costs £35 and makes a perfect night light for any bedroom, although with smaller children I would keep out of reach incase they knock it over and break.
Ideally with both of these lights I would have liked the batteries and bulbs to be included already in the price so they could be used immediately.
This light omits a wonderful warm glow and is bright enough to use for our bedtime stories yet not too bright so it can be left on all night.
I am already hunting the site for new lights for the hall and my bedroom.
Disclaimer:  We received these in exchange for an honest review.

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