Bedtime routine and throwing my toys out of the cot – again

Bedtime routine in this house is the same – I do bath time alone with the kids, I find it easiest to get into the bath with them so at least that’s one less job to do – all in pj’s by 6.30pm.

After bath it’s stories for Emmy and Harry, usually lasting around 20 minutes – Daddy sometimes helps with this bit.

Then it’s milk all around – usually in Emmy’s room while she watches an episode of a favourite show in bed (yes she has a TV/DVD in her room because otherwise she watches in my bed and refuses to get out again).

If Daddy is around then he stays with Emmy while I do Harry’s milk in his room – usually a breast feed but I’m trying to stop so am trying hard to introduce bottles at night (although it’s far easier not to if I’m honest.)

Last night that’s when the trouble started….again.

The children like their routines and it’s working as for 2 night’s now Harry has only woken once in the night and slept in until 7am — obviously this makes me very happy as Harry was waking every 3 hours still wanting a feed and the bags under my eyes are now huge – just in time for a wedding at the weekend I may now finally be able to catch up on sleep and look normal again (well maybe)

So imagine my horror when every bedtime aid started to fail at the same time – I could have and may have cried a little last night.

You’ve guessed it my problem was the lack of rechargeable batteries, everything which helps with bedtime takes batteries – Emmy has a twilight turtle, a night light and scout – all needing batteries (except the night light however I forgot to place on charge).  Harry has a cot projector and a Ewan the dream sheep also needing batteries. 

This quite frankly is a Mummy nightmare and today with the aid of this post I will be off out to stock up so this nightmare isn’t repeated anytime soon.

What would be your biggest bedtime fail?  What aids to sleep do you use?

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