Behind the Scenes of our Tree Fu Tom Twitter Party

On 19th February between the hours of 4pm and 6pm our house was turned into Treetopolis – we had 8 children aged between 2 years and 6 years and a huge array of Free Fu Tom toys and we all played games, ate cake and party food, won prizes and had fun.

The reason for our party was to join in with Twitter party to celebrate the launch of the new toy range from the show Tree Fu Tom – and as it was a celebration after all that obviously meant cake was needed!

This was our first time hosting a Twitter party and we survived – just! It was hard work keeping the kids entertained while tweeting along at the same time following the online fun with the hashtag #treefutomtoys.

We recieved a box of Tree Fu Tom goodies for the children to play with during the party, including playsets, magic moves rap mat, sqwizzles, colouring sheets, stickers, books and a super Holopax.

The figure sets were a hit with the younger children, Emmy especially enjoyed these after the party when she could invent her own games in peace and quiet, while the older boys loved the noisier toys such as the Super Holopax which recreated their favourite characters voices so they can bust a move and do Tree Fu.

The Magic Moves mat provided all who played with lots of fun while trying to copy the Tree Fu moves in a dance mat style by following the lights – it was far to noisy at our party to hear what the instructions were but it was definitely enjoyed.

Tree Fu Tom Toys, Tree Fu Tom. Twitter party

Fun was had by all, and by the end we were all ready for the peace and quiet of colouring in, a matching game and stickers.  They all loved the games and the fact they could take a figure and book home as well as the lovely prizes which were won.  We also shared the love and gave away the noiser toys (the mat and Holopax) so we are now loved immensely by my best friends boys and I can try to maintain peace – win, win for all!

Thanks very much to for allowing us to host our first party and for providing the entertainment.

If you would like to see the Tree Fu Tom Toy range please visit  Flair plc.

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