Benjoy Munchcups Review – Healthy Snack Pots

I was sent a selection of Healthy Munchcups from Benjoy to try out if Emmy and to see what she thought.  I was very surprised when a rather large box appeared full of different treats for her.  Emmy is rather strange for a toddler in her likes of foods – she will very rarely eat meat and will eat peas, sweetcorn and carrots until the are coming out of her ears.  Snacks however are completely different – she will eat usually whatever is given to her – loving breadsticks, grapes, banana’s and of course chocolate.

Every parent wants their child to be healthy so I was very keen to give these a go – each pot contains a perfectly-sized portion of healthy snack.  There are lots to choose from:

Crunchy Strawberries: Slices of pure fruit, simply freeze-dried, with nothing added (One of your 5 a day)

Vegetable Mini Crisps: Little pieces of parsnip, beetroot, carrot and sweet potatoe with no added salt (these are high in Vitamin A and high in fibre)

Mulit-grain bites: Little pieces of rice, quineo, oats & wheat with strawberry and apple juices

Crunchy Grapes: Slices of pure fruit, simply freeze dried, with nothing added (one of your 5 a day)

Multigrain Munchers: Tasty baked slices mde with tomatoe, roasted red pepper and a carefully selected mix of grains and seeds.

These Munchcups have a film over the top meaning snacks can be taken out without spilling all over the floor – Emmy actually took this as a challenge though and refused to eat them until she had pulled of this film.

Surpringly to me Emmy wasn’t very keen on these snacks – she (as did I) found the Strawberries and Grapes far too sweet (that shocked me as it’s never something which has bothered her before).

She didn’t like the Multigrain Munchers at all and refused to eat more than one and wasn’t greatly keen on the the Multigrain bites either.

We did however both love the Vegetable Crisps and I have even brought more of these as they went down so well.

I have tried these Healthy Snack Pots with a few friends and their children and they have gone down well,

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