Bespoke Wardrobes which is the best for you?

The demand for bespoke or customized furniture is increasing day by day. Many people prefer bespoke storage solutions whether that is built-in wardrobes or bookcases for their bedroom or reception, or even fitted home offices for those of us working from home. What’s the reason for homeowners preferring fitted wardrobes?

Choice of materials
The first and foremost benefit of ordering bespoke wardrobes is that you will have the choice of choosing the material yourself according to your taste, style and vision. You can mix different materials and structures, colours and effects.

Design and style
There are many types of ready-to-buy wardrobes on the market therefore you have the opportunity to create your own design – and not only the design on doors of the wardrobe, but also the interior features – shelves, drawers, hanging space, shoe shelves etc.

Do you need a hanging space or accessory drawer of a particular size? Not a problem, the fitted storage solution companies like iWardrobes can make your dream come true. For me, I would need extra hanging spaces and little drawer space, while Paul needs a good mix of both and I would love a pull down rail for my hanging clothes being short and shoe racks at the bottom of my wardrobes.

Proper use of space
If your room has limited space or has unusual shape, then customized wardrobes might be the best option for you. Made-to-measure wardrobes can increase the storage space by up to around 50%.

What are the most common types of contemporary wardrobes to consider?
Modern hinged door wardrobes – as the name suggests, the doors of these wardrobes include usage of hinges to open and close them. The most important advantage of using these wardrobes is that there are many shelves inside it, which can help you in organizing your clothes in a better way.

Sliding door wardrobes or sliderobes can be constructed into small alcoves in the room and is the best way to make use of empty corners. With fitted sliding door wardrobes, making 1 or all doors with mirror is a very popular option.

Closet with two sliding doors

Walk-in wardrobes are a symbol of luxury and something I would love to have – well a girl can dream after all.

Every girls dreams of a personal dressing room with a large space to get prepared in, large mirrors and a dressing table, fitted shoe shelves, accessory drawers, hanging areas with LED lightning, what can be more exciting in the morning? – well other than a personal shopper and stylists 24/7 but that’s not likely to ever happen.


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