Best children’s activities for getting through sick days

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Taking care of a sick child can be all around difficult. Staying inside the house is one thing, but staying inside the house with a sick child is a whole other story. While it can be challenging as you focus on taking care of your child and your child might react in unexpected ways to being housebound, these ‘sick days’ at home actually end up to be quite memorable for many parents.

While your child gets some extra TLC, it is so important that they get plenty of rest and are also entertained. After all, kids really do express how they feel in the moment. Some might get extra emotional when they are sick, some may be fidgety, bored and just wanting to do something, and others might just want some extra cuddles. So, be ready for all of the above!

With these go-to activities for sick days, you can make the tissue-filled days actually quite fun and easier on the both of you!

Movie marathons

Who doesn’t love a movie marathon, especially when you’re sick?! During the normal day-to-day, screen time might be limited. But when your child sick, it is the time to lift that rule. If your child isn’t up to much and you are wiped out, watching a movie is a great way to simply just relax and still spend time together. Be sure to find something you can both enjoy! Make it an activity to flip through the film selections on one of the many streaming websites like CHILI for example, and choose something together. After all, your child can watch something of his or her choosing while you take care of other things around the house.

Cook/play with food

If your child has the energy to be up and doing something, try cooking something simple together. Why not try a healthy oatmeal cookie that simply has all the makings of oatmeal but in cookie form? Your child will be happy to eat a ‘cookie’ and get messy in the making of it!

Bonus: If they are not hungry or are refusing to eat, cooking together is a great way to get them to eat something. If they are involved in the cooking, they just might nibble as they go and feel more inclined to eat the product of all their hard work!


Arts and crafts

Drawing, colouring, crafting — really anything that gives your child a creative outlet — can be both a relaxing and inspiring activity for your child. And when sick, it can be an especially welcomed change of pace and distraction. Bring out some colouring books, trace an outline of your child’s body and them colour it in, draw whatever comes to mind, try some collaborative drawing, build a small birdhouse, etc.  

Read a book

Spending some time snuggled up together reading a book is a sweet way to spend some time together. You can get cosy under blankets with a cup of tea and delve into a picture book or a book of your child’s choosing.

Build a pillow fort

Building a pillow fort is a sure way to get a child giggling, even one with a cold! You can make it as elaborate with all the pillows and blankets you can find or as simple as you would like. Then, when it’s done you both will have another place to hang out in rather than feel stuck in bed or on the couch when your child needs to lie down.

When your child is starting to feel better and especially if the sun is out, get outside together to take in some fresh air and sunshine! It is a great way to boost recovery and mood, something you’ll booth feel all the more rejuvenated after.

**Posted in collaboration with Mary Davis**


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