The Best School Sports Day Events

We all have fond memories of our school sports days, either as an excited kid or an overly celebratory parent. When the warm weather starts to peek out from behind those pesky clouds, what better excuse is there to dust off your PE kit and set up your very own backyard Olympics? Get your family, the neighbourhood or even your office involved in your very own sports day and you’re guaranteed a great laugh!

Here is a rundown of some of the best events from our memories of school sports day. On your marks…get set…GO!

Sack Race
This is more of a test of how well you can jump as opposed to your speed, a group line up on the starting line and hop their way to victory – easily one of the most tiring events at any sports day. Literally the only occasion you will see a burlap sack in your entire life, that is unless you work with potatoes!

Tug of War
You definitely don’t want to skip breakfast that day if you’ve got a game of tug of war on the horizon! Two groups tugging a rope in two different directions in order to get the flag tied in the middle over a line. Almost always ends up in one group collapsing on the floor and the other team running over to laugh at them – a brutal, but hilarious game.

Relay Race
One for the purists when it comes to Olympic style competitions, the relay race really is all about speed. Groups of 4 race against each other as each person within the group runs the track while passing the baton onto the next one. Probably, best to balance out the teams on this one, nobody wants to be up against the team of speedsters who all just happen to be close friends.

Egg and Spoon Race
Probably the most controversial inclusion on this list. The fastest participants in the competition take a serious handicap here to those with a gymnast’s level of balance to support an egg on the end of a spoon as you try to beat others to the finish line. Keep it at a steady pace or you might end up with egg on your face!

A nightmare for the more ‘accident prone’ of us, a race comprised of speedy jumping which would probably be best completed before lunch – nobody wants that tuna casserole knocking about in their stomachs as they’re trying to leap over obstacles!

Welly Wanging
In lieu of shotputs – because let’s face it, nobody can be trusted not to cause themselves an injury with them – you have a competition to see who can throw an old welly the furthest. This might sound easy, but I can guarantee you that you won’t know the pain of trying to get an old boot to fly through the air until you try it for yourself – definitely NOT for the weaklings among us.

Why not take some of these ideas and create your very own sports day? Stock up on track and field supplies and head into your local field to start the festivities – make sure you grab yourself some first-prize trophies, too!

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