Better Safe Than Sorry

The time to think about how you look after your car is now – not after you have suffered an incident on the road. Being safe means taking an active look at the sort of measures your car needs, especially in the run-up to more wintry driving conditions which inevitably place a greater strain on both the driver and the vehicle. What are the sort of things you should be doing before the cold weather really kicks in?

Check Your Tyres

Even if your tyres are legal to drive on, it does not mean they afford you with the level of safety you need for driving when it is snowy. In sub-zero temperatures, even minor faults in the rubber compounds tyres are made from can lead to cracking and, ultimately, blowouts. Driving on high or exposed land places tyres under greater pressure and you don’t want to try and fit your spare at the side of a busy road. If you are not sure, then get an expert to inspect your tyres for you. You can obtain good quality and reliable tyres in West Yorkshire from Ossett Tyre House or book them online for free.

Check Your Car Battery

If your battery is slowly losing power, and then you might not notice it until a cold spell when you turn your heating up to the maximum and have your wipers going. Once it has got past its best, you should buy a new one. Testing your current car battery is simple enough and all you need is a multimeter in order to confirm it is still charging properly.

Schedule an MOT

These days, what is required in an MOT is different from a few years ago so you might not be aware of all the changes. MOTs now place greater emphasis than ever before on safety considerations so do not delay in having your next one scheduled. Indeed, you should have it done early if you have any doubts about the safety features of your car, such as the warning lights and braking system.

Book a Car Service

A full car service cannot be recommended enough for spotting minor problems before they become big ones. A good mechanic will actually save you money in the long run. The best time of year to have an annual service carried out is in the autumn before the tougher road conditions of winter really start to take shape. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry!

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