Bibee Breast Feeding Dress – Review

A while ago I was tweeted by a lovely lady Nicola asking if I would like to review a Breast Feeding Dress, knowing I was going to continue feeding Harry myself for a while and having the party season approaching I was rather pleased and agreed.

The website wasn’t up and running at this point so I was rather unsure what to expect when it arrived, I was given the choice of Black, Navy or Eggplant and a size XS, Small, Medium or Large.

Being a size 12 pre pregnancy and a 14 during pregnancy I chose a size Medium, unfortunately when it arrived it was too big, however it was so easy to arrange returning this and soon received a size small.  This pleased be greatly as I can’t remember the last time I was a size small in any clothing.

What you receive when you order a Bibee Dress is a starter dress and  plain bib of your choice:

This is the dress –

breast feeding dress, easy feeding dress, bibee dress,

As you can see the dress has a scooped front which comes below the bustline to allow for easy feeding, the bib then buttons across the front of the bust to cover you up.  There are 3 buttons on each side which are opened to feed depending on which side you are feeding from.

The bibs are also available in 3 colour choices and a cream option, they come in rounded or v-neck options and are either plain or patterned.  The starter bibs are plain and the decorative bibs can be brought separately.

breast feeding dress, easy feeding dress, bibee dress,

Added extras are the detailed bibs and long sleeved top in black or cream.  The long sleeved top is similar to the dress in style – it has a scooped neck line, falling below the bust for easy feeding.

I’m not normally one for wearing dresses especially when feeding as I find then uncomfortable, tight and difficult to breast feed in – this however is completely different.  It is so comfortable that I often find I want to wear it around the house, its easy to wash and doesn’t need ironing which is a huge bonus and feeding is very easy.  I can even re-button this one handed while burping Harry.

breast feeding dress, easy feeding dress, bibee dress, www.emmysmummy.combreast feeding dress, easy feeding dress, bibee dress,

The dress hides all the lumps and post pregnancy bumps which I love.  The above feeding picture was taken last weekend at a family party – I fed Harry numerous times during the evening without needing to cover up or hide away (not that I ever do however for those who do this is great).

It’s not often you come across an idea so simple but this really is and it works and just by choosing a different colour bib you change the whole design of the dress.  This dress can be also worn throughout pregnancy too as is very stretch and so comfortable.

When not wearing this dress I have taken to wearing the long sleeved top under my normal tops which easily turns them all into feeding tops – I just pull up the normal top and the bibee one covers my tummy while giving easy access to feed Harry.

To see all the colour and style options please visit or you can find them on Facebook or Twitter

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