Big Ben has moved into my front room #Review

The children have taken over my house, well if you already follow this blog you will know that. The downside to that is I don’t have a separate playroom for them so their toys are always on show.

We have turned over half of our front from to them and their toys and in a bid to make it more of a child friendly zone I’m revamping this whole area and rethinking the storage space and the décor (I’ll show you the finished effect once I’m completely happy that I’ve finished – I keep adding and changing it around).

To help with this transformation Bloobry very kindly sent us a Big Ben Clock Wall Sticker.  These come in a wide choice of colours and it actually took me a few hours to decide which I would like.

Big Ben Clock Wall Sticker, Bloobry, Big Ben, Clock, review,
Photo Credit: Bloobry

There are actually 27 different colours to choice from and luckily there is even a colour guide on the site to help you choose:

Big Ben Clock Wall Sticker, Bloobry, Big Ben, Clock, review,
Photo Credit: Bloobry

I was tempted by the Silver for ages but then remembered this was for the kids mainly so had to change my mindset from what would suit our room to what the kids would like.  Eye catching and bold won and I chose the Medium Blue option.

From emailing my colour choice to receiving this item was only a matter of days, I was impressed with the speed – it actually meant I wasn’t quite ready for it.  Once I had removed a shelf from the wall (well delegated this to Paul) and removed the old princess wall stickers, I then washed the wall down, dried it and left it until the following evening to dry.

The Sticker part of this comes rolled up and you start by cutting of the skirting board section which while on the same sheet is separate, it’s easy to seem where to cut.  Once this is done you have to lay the sticker flat on a hard surface and rub across it with the supplied soft scraper tool, this ensures the sticker is fully adhered to the sheet properly.

Next you line the bottom up with the skirting board and tape in place with masking tape and tape the top to the wall too.

Using the scraper tool as you work your way from the top of the clock to the bottom to rub the sticker onto the wall while at the same time removing the backing paper – it can be slightly fiddly to start off with but once you get the motion of pulling the backing paper off (in a downwards motion) while rubbing the sticker you soon pick up momentum.

I found it easiest to pull the backing paper up a few inches then to concentrate on adhering the sticker
to the wall slowly top to bottom.

As long as you take your time and work slowly then this is really easy and painless.  It was slightly trickier when it came to the clock detailing as there is a lot of fine detailing to work with.

Once you have adhered the whole clock to the wall you are left with a clear film over the top with needs removing in the same way as the backing paper – slow and steady.  Remove the masking tape and start from the top again, slowly pull the clear film away.  Any parts of the sticker with start to come away from the wall can be gently and carefully reattached and rubbed over with the scraper.

Once finished then trim the skirting board part of the sticker to the size you need and attach in the same way.

Lastly the clock can be attached into place – it already comes with a battery so just needs sticking to the wall with adhesive stickers which are supplied.  I will be replacing these for Velcro stickers at a later date to make it easy to change the battery (1 AA battery).

The clock floats away from the sticker creating a stunning look.  This clock stands at around 180cm’s tall and it a great addition to the kids play area.

These would look great in any room – a front room as a statement wall feature or even in a child’s bedroom or playroom. 

I am really pleased with how this looks in the kids play area and has had so many comments from visitors.  It costs £75 and is available from, you can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are our own.

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