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A while ago now Bigjig’s asked for applications to become a member of their Play Patrol – you had to upload a picture to their Facebook page stating why you would make good play agents.

We were chosen to go through to the next round of applications, a written application and we were SO please to have been narrowed down to the final 12!  That in itself is amazing and I am over the moon. 

Now those 12 are reviewing their way to the final 5 who will be crowned Play Patrol Agents for Bigjig’s Toys.

So here goes….

Bigjig’s Farm Shape Sorter Review

This cute wooden farm contains 9 different shapes all animal shaped except for one which is a leaf.  All are recognisable farm animals – Horse, Cow, Duck, Pig, Goose, Cat, Chicken and a Sheep.
My initial thoughts were this was too young for Emmy as it is aged 1+ however on closer inspection there is some longevity to this toy as the animals have their names written on the back so she can use these to help learn her letters, she can also teach Harry how to match the shapes so it definitely will last for a good few years to come.
The farm itself is made from 3 sturdy wooden pieces – the body/barn and 2 removable roof pieces which slot back into place. 
It features bright eye catching colours which both my children love and is a classic toy made to last. 
While having fun the children are also learning through play:
  • Shape matching
  • Problem solving
  • Hand-eye cordination
  • Colours
  • Animals
  • Animal Names
  • Letter sounds and shapes
It also helps to improve logical thinking and spacial awareness as well as sharing (a new must in this house).
Here is Harry showing his favourite elements of this toy at the moment:
Great for teething babies
 OK, not what they are designed for but Harry thinks they are perfect teething toys.
Emmy on the other hand:

Sensory Play

We had fun adding dried pasta into our sand and water table and creating a bed for our farm animals, the pasta being the straw to keep the animals warm. We had great fun and this activity lasted at least an hour, she even pretending they were eating their food.

For a closer look at this lovely toy and to see what the animals get up to at night when we are sleeping please see our video.

8 thoughts on “Bigjig’s Farm Sorter – Play Patrol

  1. Love the video must have taken ages to put together! I would have never thought to use a shape sorter for sensory play great review. Good luck hope you make the final 5 x

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