Bigjigs Play Patrol – Play Agents at the ready! – Review

The postman came a calling with an exciting parcel for my Bigjigs Play Patrol Agents Emmy and Harry.

What arrived?

I will let you see for yourselves as well as Emmy reaction:


As you can see Emmy was sent a Breakfast Tray to play with.

What’s in the box?

  • Wooden tray with puzzle inlays
  • Knife, Fork & Spoon
  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Cup
  • Butter
  • Toast
  • Jam
  • Cereal
  • Egg Cup
  • Milk
  • Juice

All of the pieces are made of chunky wood and the pictures are painted onto the wood as apposed to stickers which can easily peel off.

They are really well made, all easily identifiable through lovely pictures in eye catching colours and a perfect size for little hands to hold.

Combining role play, imaginative play and puzzles all in one this is a gorgeous item and it has been played with daily since it arrived.

This toy really does promote learning through play – helping to encourage:

  • Shape matching
  • Hand-Eye coordination
  • Gross motor skills
  • Role Play

Priced at £24.99 this brings a whole new meaning to breakfast in bed.

Play Patrol Agent Harry was sent a Bell Tree, which is a novelty take on a rattle.

Made to look like a may-pole with ribbons and bells, all safely attached (Harry has tried to chew them off and pull them off however has failed).

It is brightly coloured and makes a wonderful noise of jingly bells when shaken or can act like a hammer as Harry likes to do.

It’s easy to grasp by either the wooden handle or by the ribbons and is a great distraction toy when harry gets upset or impatient sitting in his high chair.

This toy is £5.59

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