BigJigs Play Patrol – Putting our bricks on the line!

It’s that time again.  Time to put my Play Patrol agents to the test.

This month they received 3 products in our review box.  These were:

  • ABC Blocks
  • Level Crossing
  • Rocket Engine

The biggest hit by far with both Emmy and Harry is the ABC Blocks.

There are 30 coloured wooden bricks which are stored in a wooden tray.  The bricks come in 6 different colours and feature letters and shapes.

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The possibility for play with these are endless – Emmy (with Harry trying to join in) has enjoyed:

  • Stacking them
  • Writing our names
  • Lining them up
  • Naming the colours
  • Colour matching
  • Naming shapes
  • Making patterns with them
  • Making houses

Priced at £17.49 they are a great toy and are the most played with idea in our house currently. 

They are a perfect size for both Emmy & Harry’s hands and big enough to find when hidden in shoes, under sofas and in bags – this is Harry’s favourite game currently!

Bigjigs play patrol, bigjigs,, bigjigs level crossing, bigjigs rocket engine train

The level crossing fits together with our figure of 8 train track which we reviewed back in November, if you missed it you can here our review here.

Emmy enjoyed lifting up the barriers and making her trains stop and letting the cars pass however the novelty wore off quickly for her and the engine while it is lovely has been tossed aside by her as it’s not pink or pretty and is a “Harry toy” – she is going through a stage where she prefers girlie pretty things.  This is priced at £5.99 and will connect and fit with any wooden train track.

The engine is from the Bigjigs rail Heritage Collection which are a range of replicas from the golden age of rail.  This is a wooden of the iconic Rocket Engine licenced from the National Railway Museum.  This is priced at £8.99 and fits with all wooden train tracks. This didn’t hold the attention of Emmy or Harry however it does make a great addition to any train track.

Disclosure: We received these items for review as part of the Bigjigs Play Patrol team, all thoughts are our own.

17 thoughts on “BigJigs Play Patrol – Putting our bricks on the line!

  1. We are big fans of wooden blocks too…I think it's one of those toys that can work with so many different ages and often see my 7 year old help the 2 year old to build a tower etc! I love the look of the rocket engine!

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