Birthday’s – How much do you spend?

I always ensure Birthday’s are special in this house.  More so than Christmas. 
For the main reason that it’s the only day of the year where the children have a whole day dedicated to them and them alone.
I’ve been told before that I spend too much on my children for their Birthday’s…
What is too much?
Last year Emmy didn’t want a Birthday party, instead she asked to go to Butlins so we did.
I don’t think that was too extravagant really yet I was told by others that I was spoiling her. 
I personally don’t think so at all.  She had her birthday presents and she had a holiday, so what?
It was our family holiday too and if you cost up a party, with an entertainer, invites, party bags, balloons and a cake our holiday actually cost a lot less than that party would have done!  It lasted longer and she will probably remember it for longer too – she still talks about the shows, putting Billy Bear to bear and our adventures.
Tonight I have been wrapping up Harry’s birthday presents and I honestly had forgotten how many I had bought throughout the year.
I buy them when I find a bargain and stash away during the year.  I never pay full price for anything really if I can help it!
So how much do you spend on your kids for their birthdays?
This is Harry’s birthday haul:
Happyland Sherwood Castle
Happyland Playset
2 x ELC lift out puzzles
2 sets of vehicles for train track
(All the above were from ELC where I had a discount code for.  Instead of £65.60 – I actually paid £54)
Fisher Price Little people superheroes set  – OK I admit these were expensive at £26.09 BUT how cool are they?
Thomas the Tank Engine Pillow Pets bought from Zuilily which should have been £13.99 however from inviting friends I had £20 site credit so was FREE.
There is also a LeapFrog read with me scout which I had forgotten to get out of my wardrobe, bought on offer from Amazon for £18.47
And lastly which I will build on Saturday night is a Balance Bike purchased with a Groupon deal for £34.99
I don’t feel I’ve over spent at all – I budget and buy throughout the year and I can’t wait for Sunday.
My baby will be 2 – how did that happen?
Disclaimer: This post was not commissioned but does contain affiliate links for convenience.
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6 thoughts on “Birthday’s – How much do you spend?

  1. My limit is around 80-90 plus a party, I love to do the kids parties and never overspend as I make and do a lot of it myself. I don't think a holiday is too much and I love all your gift choices for your two year old 😀

    It's my little boys 2nd birthday next month and we are planning on getting him a balance bike, toot toot drivers train set (which is currently on offer) and a few mickey mouse things, I do go overboard – and at Christmas but I also wouldn't have it any other way!

  2. I had the same with Stacey's birthday. I got a phone upgrade and they had ipads on offer so I got one and gave it to her as a joint birthday/christmas gift rather than using it myself. She uses it every day so it was definitely worth it in my opinion. I've been known to spend £100+ on toys and parties anyway so I didn't see the difference!

    I love those Little Superheroes! Off to Amazon to see if I can get Ozzy a set for Christmas 😀

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. I would much rather go to Butlins than throw a party! We have spent less on the party this year – mainly because I got annoyed that the soft play were advertising one price and then adding on £2 a child to have it in a party room bringing it to a whopping £20 a child! Sorry went off on a rant there. I usually spend more on birthdays than Xmas. Little man tends to get less than big man – but not that he would notice. I also enter comps to help with a few bits along the way. Big man will be getting The Lego Movie 😉 Personally I would rather a family outing but big man wants a party so we have compromised. I also think it is up to each individual on what they buy and people shouldn't worry – your boy will be very happy x

  4. I have two boys, and for birthdays I'd estimate on presents we spend somewhere between £30 to £40. On top of that they'll either have a party or a day out, it's up to them what they choose.
    £30 to £40 may not sound a lot, but it gets them maybe a Wii or DS game that they wanted, and some other bits and pieces.
    As for going to Alton Towers, I don't think that's excessive instead of a party. I've done lots of parties over the past few years and by the time you've factored in room/soft play hire/food/cake/party bags etc etc, it comes to about the same price wise! 🙂

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