Blinds: Now the only choice for the chaotic family?

I’ll try not to stereotype too much through the course of this post,
but I’m sure few people would disagree that the only way to describe the
modern-day family is “chaotic”.
With 2.4 kids running around the home, and probably a dog or cat not
far behind, it means that Mum and Dad rarely get a chance to rest. It
also means that they just don’t have the time to deal with basic
maintenance issues that at least in today’s age, they shouldn’t have
to cope with.

As you
have probably gathered by now and the title suggests, I’m now talking about window treatments.
For years our own parents had to deal with spilling paints and flying
dog hairs clinging onto their beautiful curtains. Most of the time
the only course of action was to pull the entire set down, wash them,
iron them and then rehang them. Once upon a time it might have been
possible, but most families now just don’t have the time and those
paint-stricken curtains are probably there for the next few weeks.
This is
why blinds have entered the picture and are such a perfect
choice for families. This isn’t based on some sort of survey or
official statistics; the facts surrounding the durability of blinds
speak for themselves.




The main
reason why so many families are turning to them is their
easy-to-clean nature. As previously mentioned children being children will invariably spill something
all over your set of drapes at some point. Of course, just having a
set of blinds installed isn’t going to act as a deterrent – but the
cleaning process can at least be made easier.


for something like aluminum, faux wood or vinyl blinds
immediately means that they become possible to wipe. As such, there’s
no hauling them down from the windows if something does go wrong –
all it takes is a blue cloth and the job is complete.

Perhaps one of the most surprising advancements in the blinds field
has come in the form of dust management though. The fact that blinds
have attracted dust has always been one of their major drawbacks,
particularly for those products that benefit from horizontal slats
which just allow the dust to settle on top. Now, manufacturers have
caught on to the above, and have developed cellular shades which are
anti-static. It means that dust just isn’t as attracted to the blinds
and it’s much harder for the substance to settle. Ultimately, there’s
less work for you and the feather duster to attend to on a weekend – failing that I do find that kids love a tickle stick so let them loose instead!
Of course,
curtains always will play a part in some households – nobody can
dispute their beauty in some situations. However, due to the hectic
lifestyles that most of us live, it’s becoming harder than ever to
dismiss the modern alternative in blinds. Particularly with
manufacturers specifically creating these durable and
easy-to-maintain products, most modern families know exactly how to
make the most of advancements and completely tone down that dreaded

Now if someone could invent a carpet which hovered itself or repelled dog hair I would much appreciate it.
“This is a collaborative post”

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