A Blunt Reality Check About the “Tradition” of Buying Expensive Wedding Rings

The word cheap is interpreted differently by different people. In this context, cheap means affordable and not necessarily inferior quality. Considering wedding rings are symbolic gestures of love and marriage, it’s completely up to you to figure out how much you want to spend buying them. The stress of achieving matrimonial perfection often forces couples to buy wedding rings that are way beyond their budget. What’s worse is that a lot of people settle for ugly-looking rings just so they can say they bought a diamond and platinum ring. This is madness! Much like Morpheus, we are offering you the red pill and hoping it opens your mind.

3 Myths Associated with Buying Cheap Wedding Rings

You’ll Be Shunned By Society:

What happens when everyone in a group of friends walks around with the latest and the most expensive iPhone? For starters, the fact that everyone has an iPhone depreciates its value and dampens the exclusivity factor. Similarly, spending thousands of dollars on wedding rings is a longstanding trend and almost everyone is walking around with platinum and gold wedding rings with expensive rocks. Unless you plan to encrust your wedding ring with the Kohinoor, no one is really going to notice. However, if you break free from the usual and buy an affordable wedding ring beautifully decorated with a natural stone such as jade and sapphire, everyone’s going to take notice. This is why a lot of jewellers are crafting wedding rings for couples using alternative metals and beautiful semi-precious stones.

Affordable Wedding Rings Don’t Last That Long:

A lot of people buy wedding rings so that they can pass them onto the next generation. Now, a popular argument against buying cheap wedding rings is that they don’t last that long. However, that’s an inaccurate generalization. The price is mostly dictated by the types of metals and stones used. For example, platinum is a rare natural metal, so a platinum ring is more expensive. However, platinum is by no means better than some affordable metal options such as titanium and white gold. Titanium, in fact, is much more resilient and scratch-resistant than platinum. Therefore, if you purchase a titanium wedding ring it should outlast a more expensive platinum ring.


Buying a Diamond Ring is a Wedding Tradition:

Wrong! It’s more like a marketing campaign that people think is a tradition. At best, it’s a tradition of people getting brainwashed by a series of very effective advertisements. The De Beers Corporation back in the 1930s spent a lot of money on ads to make people believe that diamond rings are a wedding essential. Honestly, diamonds have inflated prices because they are not that rare to be this expensive. Yup, there are enough diamonds in the world and there is little chance we are going to run out of them anytime soon. It’s completely fine if you wish to buy a diamond ring for your wedding. However, it’s best to know the facts before labelling it a “tradition.”


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