Bob Martin Natural Vitality Dog Treats Review

Bob Martin is the UK’s leading brand for pet healthcare, its brand has grown from a vitamin supplement range for dogs and cats to include de-wormers, shampoos and many different products to rid pets of ticks and fleas. Since then the company has expanded the product range to care for all of your pet’s needs, from healthcare to hygiene and more recently into snacks, treats and pet accessories.

Barney was beginning to feel rather left out with the product reviews so when asked if we would like to review the new range of Natural Vitality Treats he literally barked at the chance, tail wagging and jumping up and down – maybe in hindsight I shouldn’t have said “Barney do you want some new treats?” Whoops, well at least I knew he was keen.

We were sent 3 packets of Vitality treat for dogs:

Now for those of you who don’t know, Barney is a long haired Border Collie who is 6 years old.  We have had him since he was around 6 months old and was a rescue dog.  1 week before Christmas he was left tied to a bus stop, whining, cold and under weight.  We took him straight in and he has become a much loved member of our family.

Here is Barney as a young scared puppy around 6 months old:
As you can see he is happy but rather under weight, not anymore infact we have on the odd occassion been told off by the vet as he is on the over weight scale now – whoops.  These new treats from Bob Martin ideal for helping with Barney’s health (and diet – Shhh don’t tell him) and are actually very good for him too!
We have noticed since trying Barney with these treats that his stools are becoming firmer – sorry to lower the tone but it’s always been a problem of Barney’s which with Emmy around is a complete pain so we will definately be buying these in future.
I tried to take a picture to show you Barney enjoying his new treats however he enjoyed them so much that I really couldn’t get a good picture as he ate them far too quickly.
For further information on these and other Bob Martin products please visit You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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