Boosting the Christmas fund with Tesco Clubcard points

Christmas is almost here, are you organised yet?

I’m getting there.

All of Emmy’s presents are bought and stored away, minus the few which have slipped out over the past few weeks while she has been poorly and in need of cheering up.  Harry’s were all bought however seem to have been mixed up with his Birthday ones and now I’ve nothing left for Christmas to give him.

I also started putting money aside to buy for our rather large family and I’ve already wrapped our baby nephews so I’m a little more organised than I usually am if I’m honest – usually it’s a last minute December rush to buy everything in one go.

What I do every year however is save my Tesco Clubcard points and double them up to by Christmas presents.  I’ve done this for the past few years and it really does help.  (For every 5 worth of clubcard points you can double to £10)

I’m actually not sure how many points I’ve this year yet – I’m awaiting my Blue envelope to come through the door.

However these are on my Clubcard Boost wishlist should I have enough points:

Hudl Tablet for Emmy to share

Vtech toot toot driver for Harry

Printer for Paul
Tassimo for me – just because

Alternatively I may put my Clubcard point’s towards a hotel stay when we go to Peppa Pig world next year for Emmy’s birthday or for a meal out.  I’m yet to decide.

Doubling up my free Clubcard points is a great way to get those extra Christmas presents or to treat ourselves to something new and is really easy for me as it’s my local supermarket and where I fill up for petrol.

Do you save your points until Christmas?

You can see what is included in the Clubcard boost here.

“Posted in collaboration with Tesco”

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