Summers here and the washings out

Nothing says summer more than the sight of washing blowing in a gentle breeze outside on the washing line. Being a family of 4 with two mucky kids in amongst our brood it’s safe to say the washing basket is never empty, in fact I’m sure it’s bottomless like magicians use for magic tricks or perhaps like Mary Poppin’s bag.

Even doing a wash every two days by the time I’ve added a towel wash and full bedding changes for us all its a never ending job and there is nothing worth than having nowhere to hang the washing once you’ve finally done it.

Brabantia recently came to my aid when my old washing line finally gave up the ghost and sent me an Essential 50 Metre Rotary Dryer  ….I’d been tying the broken parts of the line up in knows making it smaller and smaller until it was impossible to tie any longer.

Brabantia rotary airer

The problem is I’d buy a cheap one in the supermarket meaning to replace it but never getting around to it and let’s face it making do with something which is used so much is never a good idea really.

When the new one arrived it was immediately obvious the quality difference between this and my old one, with UV-resistant washing line with non-slip profile this means it is easy to replace separate lines if they were to break at some point and was an easy folding mechanism. All arms fitted with special holes for clothes hangers meaning you can hang silk blouses or shirts straight onto a coat hanger for ease.

Brabantia rotary line

It also come with a plastic ground tube with closable cap, this is easy to hammer into the ground and then place the rotary airer into.  When not in use you can close the cap. Available separately is a metal ground spike.

This is actually huge (with a drying space of 50  metres) while taking up no more space than my old line but it has more drying area meaning that I can actually hang 3 full machine loads of washing to this line now before it is filled. Priced at £68 this isn’t a washing line you will need to replace for quite a while, the quality is amazing and the lines stay taught when up no matter the amount of washing you put on it.

With 4 drying sides each has 9 lines to it. To make the most of the space small items such as underwear go on the inside smaller lines with larger items such as towels or shirts on the larger lines.

My only problem now is I keep running out of pegs instead of drying space!

essential 50 metre rotary washing line


It is very easy to fold this down again after use and I have even purchased a Brantania washing line bag for it so I can put it away when I’ve finished with it, this is so the lines remain clean (there’s little point hanging clean clothes onto a dirty washing line) and to tidy it away from the children when not in use. There’s obviously satellite aspects to doing this too as the kids can’t play with the lines and therefore can’t become entangled or strangled on them.

#lovenature Brabantia washing line

For each Brantania rotary washing line or indoor dryer sells they plant one tree in the Burkina Faso rainforest. Since the launch last year, 600,000 trees have been planted by Brabantia. It’s been an amazing campaign. Encouraging people to love nature, and dry their clothes outdoors in the great fresh air, whilst also helping save the planet. Over the next 12 month Brabantia plans to plant a MILLION trees with their #LoveNature campaign.

Disclaimer: I received this item in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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