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space explorer room projector brainstorm

You’ll notice the space theme in the reviews for this week, that’s because it is Space Week and I have teamed up with Brainstorm Toys to show you a selection of the toys they have available.

Today we are looking at the Space Explorer Room Projector.

This is a bedside unit which can be switched between a nightlight and a projector by sliding a button at the bottom of the unit.

Slide across on way to illuminate the bottom half of the lamp with a cool nebula night light or the other way to turn on the projector.

When in projector mode you need to insert one of the 3 slides into the slot on the front, adjust the focus by twisting the lens  at the top and then you can rotate the slide to show the different pictures on each slide.

Each slide features 8 different pictures.

Nebulae slide:

  • Bright Stars
  • Carina Nebula
  • Lagon Nebula
  • Cat’s Eye Nebula
  • Trantula Nebula
  • Spiral Galaxy
  • Hourglass Nebula
  • Eagle Nebula

Spacecraft & Astronaults slide:

  • Soyux TMA-6
  • Apollo 11 Bootprint
  • Space Shuttle Launch
  • Moon Landing
  • Space Shuttle
  • International Space Station (ISS)
  • Spacewalk
  • Saturn V

Planets and the Moon slide:

  • Saturn’s System
  • Moon Surface
  • Jupiter
  • Venus
  • Saturn’s Rings
  • Moon Set over Earth
  • Mars
  • The Earth and Moon

Also included with this is a booklet which tells you about each of the pictures on the slides so you are able to learn the facts about the pictures you are projecting onto your ceiling.

This is a lovely and basic introduction into all things space retailed for children and helps to open up discussions about when man first walked on the moon, what it may have been like, what they had to wear and why they went up there in the first place.

Both Emmy and Harry have been loving this and I have even learn lots of interesting facts as my knowledge of the planets was rather rusty, they know keep giving me pop quizzes when we turn the dial and a new picture appears and we have all learnt about Nebulae – a subject none of us knew anything about before.

A Nebulae is a huge interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen gas and plasma. The gas, dust and other matter join together and eventually become big enough to form a new born star. Nebulae are often referred to as star nurseries.

Priced at £14.99 this is available from amazon as well as other retailers. It takes 3xAA batteries which are not included.


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