Brand new Hatchimals Hatchibabies have arrived

You’ll have been living under a rock to not know what Hatchimals are by now – the MUST have Christmas present a few years ago, we reviewed the original Hatchimals back in 2016 and also the CollEGGtibles. Now we have another baby to add to our family and the brand new Hatchimals Hatchibabies has arrived here and the kids are so EGGcited to see who they will hatch.

The Hatchimals Hatchibabies you could hatch are Ponette or Cheetree and each new addition could have a boy or a girl inside, so there is a Purple girl Ponette or a Torquiose Boy Ponette available as well as a Blue Boy Cheetree and a Pink/light purple girl Cheetree inside the Hatchibabies eggs.

Just who you will hatch is a complete surprise.

These new Hatchibabies also come complete with 5 surprise accessories inside their egg for extended play and to help you care for your new baby – one of these surprises is a scroll which will reveal the gender of your baby (in case you hadn’t worked it out for yourself).

Emmy and Harry couldn’t wait to see which Hatchibaby was joining our family.

The egg comes well packaged in a box with a faux shell top so that your egg doesn’t get damaged before you are ready to hatch it. When you are ready to begin the hatching process, turn your egg over and remove the plastic pins at the bottom, turn them and they will come out.

Next you play with your egg, the more you play the faster it hatches as with the previous versions. You’ll see it’s eyes glowing through the egg. This version includes a little more in-egg playing actions and you can see your baby rocking inside the egg – place the egg on a flat surface to see it rocking back and forth and you will also be able to hear a lullaby playing as you play with your egg.

In Egg Play

  • Hold the bottom of the egg to hear its heartbeat and cuddle it
  • Tickle the bottom of the egg with quick pats to make me wiggle and giggle
  • Tilt the egg backwards and hold it sideways to rock it to sleep
  • Quickly tilt the egg upside down and rightside up to play with it
  • Tap on the egg and hear your baby tap back – this only works if it is quiet
  • Put the egg down on a flat surface to see it rock side to side

Should you need to turn the egg off before it hatches, just turn it upside down for around 25-30 seconds and it will put it to sleep. Rub and play with the egg to wake it up again.

The part of the egg you need to concentrate your rubbing motions on to make the egg hatch is around the join of the egg – there is a copper strip inside and its the movement on this part which makes it hatch, do this when you see the rainbow coloured eyes – that’s the sign its ready to hatch. When it is ready to hatch your Hatchibaby will begin to peck its way out of the egg, spinning inside the egg to free itself. When finished a gentle tug will lift it from its shell and you can then find your surprises inside the bottom part of the egg. When your baby is hatched they will sing ‘Hatchy Birthday’.

Don’t miss your scroll with the gender reveal on it – it is rolled up inside the white tube section in the centre (I miss it when we hatched ours).

We hatched a Boy Ponette which Emmy has named Uni as it looks like a Unicorn she says.

Unlike real babies this has an on/off switch at the bottom (parental joy right there!) and it has sensors over the body which work with different play modes and with the accessories you found in the bottom of the egg. There is a sensor on the forehead and on the back of the head, on both feet, the bottom of the mouth and on the chest underneath the chin area – that one works with the rattle toy and cuddle toy.

Playing with your baby

Now you have hatched your baby you can play with it, it’s eye colour will indicate what it wants you to do

  • Pink eyes – stroke its head, nuzzle its nose/forehead
  • Yellow eyes – Tickle its feet, tilt it upside down and rightside up to play
  • White eyes – rock it to sleep
  • Purple eyes – hungry – feed with the bottle. Press the lower beak to feed, keep pressing the bottle to keep feeding – if you over feed your baby will get gassy
  • Orange eyes – Gassy – Hold upright and pat the back of the head to wind your baby
  • Cuddle buddy toy – hold the cuddle buddy so the ‘H’ is facing and it will talk to it. Keep it there and it will fall asleep
  • White eyes – Sleepy
  • Blue eyes – sad – use the cuddle buddy toy
  • Rattle – hold to the chest with the H facing you to make it dance (rainbow eyes) – touch the back of the head to make it stop
  • Red eyes – tantrum – put back into the bottom of the egg shell for time out – this can also be used as a high chair and for napping in. Give the rattle when in the shell and it will sing to you

Secret tricks

Each Hatchibaby species has its own special trick. To discover it – touch and hold the back of its head and touch the forehead sensor twice at the same time.

Extended play

Learning to talk

  • hold both feet for 2 seconds, the eyes will flash a teal colour and your baby will say ‘hello’ in its own Hatchimals language
  • hold the feet – when the eyes turn solid teal say something (up to 4 seconds long), let go of the feet and your baby will repeat what you have said

Playing games

  • Peek-a-boo – Cover your babies eyes for 2 or more seconds then pull away your hand, your baby will say ‘peek-a-boo’ in its own language
  • Bouncy Baby – Hold the right foot for 3 seconds, your babies eyes will flash blue and it will say ‘yay’ in its own language. When it says ‘Ready Set Go’ the music will start to play. Bounce your baby backwards and forwards while the music plays and stop when the music stops. Get 3 to win the game.

Of course you’ll find yourself referring to the instructions quite a lot during the first few times you play with your baby but the more you play the easier play becomes. Emmy was getting a little frustrated trying to remember what foot to press for each game mode and what the eye colours meant but soon worked it out – and it does come with a cheat sheet which shows you exactly what the eye colours mean, if you keep this together with the shell its easy to reference when you need to.

Emmy has already played with this Hatchibaby far more than she did the original version – the addition of the secret toys has really helped with this and does help to extend the play of this toy.

A very cute addition which I can see being a popular choice on Christmas lists again this year.  For further information please head over to the website  Available at all good retailers nationwide.

Disclaimer: We received this toy in exchange for this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. Post contains affiliate links

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