Breakfast or Social Media – what are you priorities in the morning?

Did you know that Brits spend more time checking emails and the internet each morning than they do eating breakfast, taking care of their appearance or spending family time together?
I’m actually not surprised.  I’m not a breakfast eater myself and would prefer to whip the hoover round while the kids are sitting having their breakfast – for me it’s a time I can reach the floor without it being covered in toys and then I can check my emails and social media messages.  Running a blog isn’t all about what you read on this page, it also includes loads of behind the scenes action, forming relationships with brands and readers is a huge part of the blog workings and it takes up a lot of time.  Paul on the other hand will have his morning fag and a cuppa while reading the news and his twitter feed.
During National Bed Month (March) the UK’s leading bed manufacturer Silentnight asked 2050 people what they did and didn’t have time for in the mornings and 51% said they checked their emails, 48% used the internet while 47% watch TV.
They also found 32% were too busy to have a shave or put make-up on and 18% went without breakfast.  I’m one of those 18% I’m afraid.
Silentnight have teamed with Warburtons in a bid to change my morning habits.
I was sent a lovely hamper with a selection of morning goodies containing bread, muffins, pancakes, eggs, tea as well as some sleeping aids including a lavender bubble bath, feet pads to sleep with and a book to write in before going to sleep.


The idea is that by having a good night time routine and getting a good nights sleep will leave you refreshed and ready for the next day ahead.
I’ve started to change my evening habits and I am finding I do sleep better.  I’ve set myself a bedtime as I do with the children.  I now aim to be in bed or at least on my way to bed by 11.30pm – and if my work isn’t done then tough, it will be added to tomorrow’s to-do-list instead.  I’ve also stopped worrying about having to work every night to catch up on back-logs, if I’m honest an extra day in the grand scheme of things doesn’t really matter.
I’m now also trying my hardest to eat a breakfast with the children instead of missing it to do a few extra jobs, by doing this I’m finding I’ve added energy in the day too.


 Here are some tips for getting a good nights sleep by Silentnight’s sleep expert Dr Nerina:

What do you spend your mornings doing?

Do you check your emails and the internet? Do you eat breakfast or are you on of the 18% who choose to skip it altogether?

If you find me on social media in the mornings do me a favour and make sure I’ve had my breakfast first!!

3 thoughts on “Breakfast or Social Media – what are you priorities in the morning?

  1. I skip breakfast….I get up and sort the kids out and then go online while they are eating there breakfasts…..I know it's wrong but I think it's a bit of a habit now.

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