Breast Tenderness and Changes during Pregnancy

As you all know by now I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and therefore will be writing about my pregnancy and also bring to you a few guest posts about Pregnancy and pregnancy related issues.  Here is one such guest post by HIPP Organic.

Breast tenderness or tingly breasts is a normal in pregnancy and is for some women the first sign
they are pregnant. Liz the expert midwife at Hipp Organic has this information
for mums to be, as typically these feelings begin between the fourth and sixth
weeks and continue through the first trimester.


  • These feelings occur because of all the changes that your body is going through
  • Your breasts must prepare to feed your baby and therefore they need to grow and develop which often may cause tingling and tenderness
  • Specifically breast changes are caused by the increased levels of hormones circulating through your body, to prepare for your baby your body increases its levels of oestrogen and progesterone, this causes blood to rush to your breast making them more sensitive. 

Your breast tissue will also begin to change and milk ducts
and milk producing cells will begin to form causing your breasts to grow and
change in shape. The layers of fat beneath your breasts will develop and may
cause your breasts to increase in size. All of these factors contribute to the
tenderness, soreness you are experiencing.

Depending on the number of children you have had and your age
your symptoms may differ. Younger and first time mothers tend experience more
sensitivity and discomfort. Some women however do not experience any changes
this does not mean that there is anything wrong, all women are

Here are some of the commonly reported
  • Increase in breast size up to 2 sizes
  • Noticeable veins criss crossing the breast
  • Highly sensitive nipples
  • Burning or throbbing in the breast
  • Heaviness
  • Tingly or even itchy nipples
Breast Care During
  • Stop wearing underwire bras
  • Get fitted properly throughout your pregnancy
  • Wear cotton bras, which allow your breasts to breathe more easily
  • If you exercise wear a well fitting sports bra
  • Take a bath to relieve the swelling sensation
  • If your breasts feel hot apply a cool face cloth to the area
One last thing…your breast may
leak colostrum’s, this is the first milk and is loaded with nutrients and
immunoglobulins amongst other things. Sometimes towards the end of pregnancy
women experience a leaking of this golden fluid and your nipples may be covered
in a film of it, this is a very positive sign and don’t worry your body is
gearing to feed your baby.

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