Brightening up my wardrobe with Quiz

Recently I had a belated spring clean of my wardrobe, it was a little over due so I knew it would take a while to get sorted. There were clothes in there which I used to wear to college back in my late teens. Of course I was never going to fit into those now nor likely to wear them should I ever manage to get back to that size again.

There were the size 10 jeans which I had tucked up at the back of my wardrobe in the hopes I would get back into them one day, well worn favourites from my pre children days. Sadly after 2 children and 2 C-sections I doubt I’ll ever be back into skinny fit jeans in a size 10 but if by some miracle and actual stepping foot inside a gym I manage to fit them I decided it would be better to throw them out and buy new ones in celebration.

With this new mind-set I have actually bagged up 5 black sacks of clothes of mine and donated them to charity.

My wardrobe is looking far less cluttered for this overhaul and I can actually find clothes to wear without them all falling off of the hangers and to the bottom of the wardrobe.

I’ve moved all of the winter clothes to one wardrobe and the summer ones to the most accessible one, cardigans and jumpers were also moved to a different place as they don’t get worn as much in this season and were getting in the way.

While searching and sorting I found my wedding dress which of course I knew was there but I also found the prom dress I made for myself while in the 6th form. My niece was here at the time and she tried this one and it fitted her perfectly – I’ve put this back in the wardrobe so she could wear if she wants to and one day Emmy could wear it.

There were lots of smaller sized dresses hiding in the back gathering dust and many worn maybe once, twice at the most, even designer ones still with the labels attached. I have rehomed these to my niece and my sister…..It would seem I am a hoarder (those who know me will find this no surprise) but I am trying hard to break this habit.

The other thing I noticed was there was A LOT OF BLACK in my wardrobe, I would say almost 90% of it was black. As it’s summer I am making a big effort to change this and to introduce some colour into my clothes.

Quiz recently got in touch and asked if I would like to take a look at the dresses they had available for all occasions I was instantly drawn to this one. I’m not a fan of short dresses as I don’t really like my legs but being short at only 5″ 2 long maxi dresses can be an issue as unless I’m wearing heels they drag on the floor and I fall over them. This one sits just at knee level with the back lower meaning when I am wearing I won’t be constantly be checking I’m not flashing my knickers.

I was also drawn to a few colourful accessories to help brighten up my clothes, this bright yellow waterfall cardigan isn’t something I would usually even look at however with a huge collection of dark coloured jeans and trousers and dark coloured vest tops I thought it would help brighten up quite a few outfits effortlessly and as long as I teamed it with plain colours such as black, navy or even white.

The top can also be teamed with dark trousers, it has 3/4 length sleeves which are open at the sides and then tie at the bottom. It comes with a cute necklace which can be worn with other outfits.

I am making more of an effort to change the clothes and their colours so that they will actually be worn more often and not gather dust.

Is there a colour you are drawn to when shopping? Do you have a go to colour?

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